My hazardous experience


It seemed like the sun had conspired with the bus driver for our severe punishment that day.It wasn’t just for the fact that the sun was terribly scorching ,but the driver had apparently taken a crazy pill or was high on some cheap drugs of some sort.As i switched to the next track on my iPod,i wondered why the sun was so hot in this part of the country. The crisp white shirt i had put on earlier this morning had glued to my body like a second skin.Beads of sweat dotted my brow and i was as hot as ever!as i wiped off a drop which obvious plan was to enter into my eyes,i frantically looked up at the AC vent for what looked like the thousandth time.Even the AC had surrendered to the hot slaps of the sun.Just then, the bus driver swerved promptly to the left in an effort to bypass an oncoming vehicle and i was thrown against the passenger sitting beside me.Muttering a quick outburst of apology at her disgust,i quickly righted myself.This wasn’t how i had
planned to enjoy my long awaited journey from Lagos to Abuja; it all seemed like the forces of Abuja were banning an outsider from their territory.Somewhere at the back of the bus,a child started crying,a cynical smile curved my lips; apparently,i wasn’t the only one not enjoying the hideous journey.Just then,my iPod signaled a low battery and went off! Great! just great! i thought! could this day get any worse? i angrily folded my hands and made a chore of staring at my fellow passengers; of course, starting with the disgruntled one i’d earlier fell on,i took a closer look at her and she seemed uptight and rigid.The paper back novel in her hand must have recognized her rigidity showing by the extent at which an end was squeezed by left hand. I studied her for a while and saw that for a whole ten minutes,she had not turned the page.Wondering how anyone could be that slow,my gaze rested on the next passenger and that was when i saw Him!i don’t blame the
girl! i thought.If i were to be sitting down close by a hunk like that,i’d be as rigid as a rock.Was it just me or had the room gotten hotter?i couldn’t take my eyes off him,the whole six foot of him,from his neatly carved hair to his beautiful fingers,wow! did i mention that i was a sucker for lovely fingers?well,i am!his wasn’t just lovely but masculinely!If there’s a word like that.At that moment,a news slip came on on the radio,in which the FG was imploring parents and students to be patient with the ongoing ASUU strike which brought about a snort from most of the passengers and elicited a chuckle from me.Two elderly men in the seats in front of me began to murmur about their children who were stuck at home with nothing doing.tell me about it! i thought!The woman with the crying child and two other youths sited beside her joined in on the conversation and while some were on the side of the FG, others were on the side of ASUU..It was a
funny argument which had me chuckling time to time.Suddenly, goose pimples came all over my body and immediately, i knew that my hunk was staring at me.I immediately choked on the fanta i was sipping.What in the world was wrong with me? i thought.As i raised my head to look at him,the goose pimples on my skin multiplied and i sputtered in an effort to calm down.He gave me a lopsided grin and the world dropped beneath my feet.It really should be illegal to let people this handsome loose on the streets! i returned a strained smile and he chuckled and faced his laptop.And then,that was when i saw the WELCOME TO ABUJA sign.Although i had long awaited this sign from the beginning of my journey,there was a sad feeling in me because i was going to be separated from my hunk.After a few minutes,the hellish bus driver pulled up signifying our disembarking from the bus.When we all came down, my hunk came around to where i was standing and looked me in the eye
and said.’is it just me or do you enjoy sweating?’ expecting a fond speech,i incredulously stared at him.’why?’ i asked.He then said,’you never did open your AC-vent’. I went around around to the side of the bus where i was sitting and realized it was true.He gave me a pitiful smile and walked away.What a way to begin my experience in a new town,i thought!…..



My wife wrecked my church – Pastor

She fights me at the slightest opportunity,she
is a pest in my life”.

With these words, Pastor Ope Balogun
pleaded with an Orile Agege Grade ‘B’
Customary Court, Lagos, to dissolve his three-
year-old marriage to his wife, Taiwo, who he
accused of troublesome acts and nagging.
The 54-year-old cleric, who lives at 7, Ilupeju
Street, Oke-Odo, Agege, testified that he
had not known peace since he married his wife.
”My wife, Taiwo, is a troublesome woman. She
has driven almost all my church members
away”,the petitioner stated
”My children from my previous marriage
cannot come to our house because they are
afraid of my wife.My family members cannot
visit me as well.
”My Bible school students cannot continue
their studies because of her incessant
troubles and even some pastors working
under me left the church.
Balogun also alleged that his wife drove him
out of his house on Nov. 2012.
”She pursued me from the house and she still
came to damage the windows of where I am
taking refuge,”he said.
Meanwhile, Taiwo, 36, denied the allegations.
She said, “I am the ninth wife of Pastor
Balogun. Trouble started when I took in and
he told me that he did not want a child again
but sex.
”He maltreated me during the pregnancy and
did not pay my hospital bills when I was
delivered of the baby.
”I love and respect everyone around my
husband,but what usually causes
misunderstanding between us is the issue of
”He does not give me and my child money for
”After the delivery, he told me that I should
be eating once a day, so how do you expect the
house to be peaceful?”
The defendant told the court that she doesn’t
want to leave her husband because of her


Michelle Obama Opens New Twitter Account As SheTurns 49

Michelle Obama’s office said Thursday it had opened a
Twitter account, as the US first lady turned 49.
The account is @FLOTUS, the acronym for First Lady of the
United States, and it will be administered by the first lady’s
Tweets penned by the first lady herself will bear her initials
— mo.
As of midday Thursday, the account had just over 16,000
followers. That compares to 2.64 million for
@MichelleObama, which opened in January 2012 and was run
by President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign team.
Tweets from the @MichelleObama account have been
infrequent since her husband won the election on November
The first utterance Thursday from @FLOTUS urged
followers to wish Mrs Obama a happy birthday.


Scientists Using HIV To Stop Spread Of HIV

David Harrich, from the Queensland Institute of Medical
Research, said he had successfully modified a protein in
HIV that the virus needed to replicate and instead made
it “potently” inhibit virus growth.
“I have never seen anything like it. The modified protein
works every time. If this research continues down its strong
path, and bear in mind there are many hurdles to clear, we’re
looking at a cure for AIDS,” said Harrich.
Harrich said the modified protein, which he had named
Nullbasic, had shown a “remarkable” ability to arrest HIV
growth in a lab environment and could have exciting
implications both in curbing AIDS and treating existing HIV
He described it as “fighting fire with fire”.
“The virus might infect a cell but it wouldn’t spread. You
would still be infected with HIV, it’s not a cure for the virus,
but the virus would stay latent, it wouldn’t wake up, so it
wouldn’t develop into AIDS ” said Harrich of his study,
published in the latest edition of the journal Human Gene
“With a treatment like this, you would maintain a healthy
immune system

Nigeria’s Foreign Reserve Swells To $44. 6b

In what might be
cheery news to
managers of the
nation’s economy and
indeed Nigerians, the
Coordinating Minister
for the Economy and
Minister of finance,
Dr. Ngozi okonjo-
Iweala, yesterday
declared that the
nation’s foreign reserve has hit $44.6 billion.
The minister said this while speaking at the 31ST Meeting of
the Convergence Council of Ministers and Governors of
Central Banks of the West African Monetary Zone, WAMZ,
in Abuja. She also added that Nigeria has been building
buffers against “economic shocks”
Her words, “on the back of greater efficiency in the
management of our resources, our foreign reserves soared
from US$32.6 billion at the end of 2011 to about US$44.6
billion now.
“The Excess Crude Account,ECA, balance has also improved
from $4.57 billion in August 2011 to about $9 billion now.
Our Sovereign Wealth Fund is up and running and will oversee
the $1 billion set aside by the government. But more
important, President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration is
embarking on a strong program of economic diversification –
which is the only real buffer for our economy”.
According to the minister, Nigeria has started a massive
investment in agriculture, housing, solid minerals, the
creative industry, and other sectors, “in an effort to limit
our dependency on oil revenue, and create jobs. It is a fact,
that our present growth rate is being sustained by the
activities of the non-oil sector

Boko Haram Leader Shekau Shot, Flees To Mali

There were indications yesterday in Abuja, that the
leader of the Boko Haram Islamic sect, Imam Abubakar
Shekau was wounded during a gun battle with security
men recently.

Sources said in Abuja that security agencies traced the
whereabouts of Shekau, who succeeded late Mohammed
Yusuf as leader of the sect to Mali, where he escaped to
after sustaining injuries during a gun duel with soldiers of
the Joint Task Force, JTF, a.k.a Operation Restore Order.
Sources told Saturday Vanguard that the Federal
Government approved the deployment of 1,200 soldiers
apparently because of the need to arrest the wounded Boko
Haram leader.
The Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Azubuike Ihejirika who
addressed officers and soldiers of the Nigerian army shortly
before they were airlifted to Mali Thursday in Kaduna, asked
them to be extra vigilant as there are indications that some
terrorists had sneaked into the country with the aim of
causing havoc.
Ihejirika however, pointed out that the Nigerian Army was
not resting on its oars as the war against terror was being
Saturday Vanguard learnt that the battle between the JTF
and the sect members took place at Gao city, in the heart of
Northern Mali presently under the control of Tuareg
It was further learnt that Shekau, who is having N50million
ransom hanging on his head from the Federal Government,
was ferried to Mali through one of the porous routes in the
vast Nigerian border without Customs and Immigration
authorities getting wind of it.
Saturday Vanguard was told that while the Boko Haram
leader was being given medication in Gao, the foreign
sponsors of the sect’s activities in Nigeria, were busy, using
his name to indoctrinate, train and recruit more members for
the sect.
Shekau was said to have been shot at a checkpoint when he
reportedly attempted to deceive operatives of the JTF by
posing as a nomadic Fulani who was returning from a journey.
However, on approach of the vehicle conveying him and
members of his sect, ‘’a hot exchange of gunfire ensued as
the sect members started firing at the soldiers who equally
returned fire for fire.’’
During the crossfire, he and two other sect members with
him escaped with gunshot wounds while two members of the
sect were killed on the spot. Some AK 47 rifles were
recovered from the vehicle.
While stating that most of the weaponry including IEDS
recovered from Boko Haram members have been traced to
the weaponry used during the Libyan uprising against late
Libyan leader, Gaddafi, the source said Nigerian security
agencies believed that the more sophisticated and deadly
weaponry had gotten to the hands of sect members but they
are unable to operate them because they are not trained for
The source cited the discovery of Shekau’s hideout and the
training base for Boko Haram sect members to unleash
terror on Nigerians as a further justification of the action
of the federal government to deploy 1, 200 troops as well as
Airforce fighter and transport aircraft to Mali to help flush
out the Tuareg militants and their sponsors.
Saturday Vanguard further gathered that security has been
beefed up along the Nigerian Army First Mechanized Division
and the Third Armoured Division’s areas of responsibilities
with the deployment of soldiers at the borders to
complement the work of other security agencies following the
escalation of the Mali crisis with a view to checkmating
infiltrations into the country by terrorists.
Last December, a total sum of N290 million ransom was
approved for anyone who could assist in locating Imam
Abubakar Shekau and 18 other leaders of Boko Haram.
A release by the JTF listed the wanted Boko Haram leaders
to include five members of the Shurra (the highest decision-
making body of the sect) Committee and 19 of their
The five members of the Shurra Committee of the sect,
including Imam Abubakar Shekau whose ramsom was N50
million, and Habibu Yusuf (a.k.a Asalafi), Khalid Albarnawai,
Momodu Bama and Mohammed Zangina. Apart from Imam
Shekau whose ransom was put at N50 million, the other
Shurra members’ ransom was put at N25million each.
A ransom of N10 million each was put on the Boko Haram
Commanders including, Abu Saad, Abba Kaka, Abdulmalik
Bama, Umar Fulata, Alhaji Mustapha, (Massa) Ibrahim and
Abubakar Suleiman-Habu a.k.a Khalid.
Other commanders also included Hassan Jazair, Ali Jalingo,
Alhaji Musa Modu, Bashir Aketa, Abba Goroma, Ibrahim
Bashir, Abubakar Zakariya and Tukur Ahmed Mohammed.
The JTF statement on the N290 million ransom then, reads
in part; “They are wanted in connection with terrorist
activities, particularly in the North East zone of Nigeria that
led to the killings, bombings and assassination of some
civilians, religious leaders, traditional rulers, businessmen,
politicians, civil servants and security personnel, among
They are also wanted for arson and destruction of properties
worth millions of naira.Therefore, anyone with information
that will lead to the arrest of any of the listed terrorists or
more will have the rewards (placed on them) as stated

Corruption Is Nigeria’s Major Enemy – FCT Minister

Corruption has seriously retarded
development of the country and
Nigeria cannot afford to treat it
as business as usual, Sen. Bala
Mohammed, Minister of FCT, has
Mohammed stated this on
Thursday in Abuja during a
sensitisation programme organised
by the FCTA Anti-Corruption and
Monitoring Unit for the senior
officers of the administration
“Corruption has remained a major
enemy of our progress as people and as a nation; and with the
determination to rid us of these unwholesome practices and
problems, the FCT Administration will continue to work to
ensure zero tolerance on corruption.
“It is in this vein that Mr President has continued to
demonstrate clearly his intention to rid the country of
corruption; for instance, the on-going trial of those involve in
oil subsidy scam among other cases, is a clear testimony and
indication of the present administration’s commitment and
determination to ensure transparency, accountability and
good governance; and we cannot afford to lag behind.” (NAN)

Segun Arinze Fires-back At ‘ Ugly’ Comments

Nollywood actor and former president of the Actors Guild of
Nigeria, Segun Arinze, and his family, were featured on the
front cover of a style magazine recently and most blogs
published it.
Some readers made unsavoury comments about the actor’s
wife as well as his looks which for a long time, have remained
the b*tt of rude jokes – particularly his seeming large
But this time, the ‘black arrow’ star will not roll over and let
the subliminals hurled at himself and his wife pass, without a
The response below is a text message from the star actor
yesterday evening to popular blogger, Linda Ikeji, which she
published on her blog and culled it.
Dear Linda,
I want to thank you for having such a wonderful blog. Having
said that, I want to say despite the fact that we have
freedom of expression doesn’t give people the liberty to be
reckless with words without verifying facts first.
See the rest below the photo
Someone said my wife cut across as someone rude. That’s a big
lie! She’s the most courteous person you can think of.
Sometimes people like to take the piss.
Now my full names are Segun Aina Padonou. My father, though
late, was Yoruba from Badagry. My mum is Ibo. Arinze is the
Ibo name given to me by my mum. So I used it as Pseudonym.
That’s why you have Segun Arinze.
And as at the last time I looked in the mirror, I didn’t see any
ugly Segun. No human has a right to call another ugly because
you ain’t God. You can’t give life so don’t curse or swear.