Embrace the blue..

Today I woke up feeling blue…
I thought maybe it was because I hadn’t said my
morning prayers.
Because in a way, committing your day to a higher
power tends to give you the idea that all will go well
no matter what you do. Ergo even with very little input,
you’ll achieve maximum output.

So I said my prayers, and I was still feeling blue.
And then I remembered something I had read somewhere,
it kinda says some days are just blue, not because anything
is wrong or anything will be wrong, but they’re just that way…
So you endure the blueness until d next day.

Kinda like maybe there’s a light at the end of d tunnel blah blah…
So I’ve decided to embrace my blue day. And try hard to do
nothing to enhance d ‘blueness’.
Well, the fact that I have 3 tests today and I haven’t read a peep
could in fact be d cause of my “blueness”.. You’d never know. lol…


Phoenix Grey.





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