Take care…

Nothing hurts more than loving and losing. I’ve loved and lost..
Twice now, and I think that’s just two times too many.
And most times its not about losing, but knowing when to let go.
Knowing when to smile and know that the other person isn’t meant for you.
To stop hoping and put on your black clothes.
Because you finally begin to mourn your loss.
That time that you stop reopening old wounds and letting them be.

When you truly stop hoping and accept the fact that this person isn’t yours.
And your own might or might not be out there. A time to embrace the loneliness
and accept it as part of your new life.
To realize that the person who said they’ll never leave, who said they’ll always have your
back, lied, or changed their mind…
That’s allowed, you see its time to stop playing Adele, because that’s just torture.
And to concentrate on being happy. Alone.
Because alone shouldn’t always mean lonely. Yes, you’ll have your weak days,
those days when you regress… Its kinda like rehab.
But don’t forget to get back on track, because hoping is easy.
Facing the truth is what requires balls…

Phoenix Grey.


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