11 Awkward Sex Moments to Avoid..

You Say Something You Shouldn’t

To avoid saying something you’ll probably regret, make a conscious effort to relax and clear your mind before it’s time. If you’re thinking about something other than him it will show. Just relax.

A Hair Malfunction

Whether it’s a weave, wig, braids, or a extensions, it could still come undone if you’re not careful. Give him a heads up before you hit the sheets and make it clear that touching your hair is a major no-no.

Falling Asleep

Working a demanding job and trying to juggle having a career and a personal life can sometimes be overwhelming. If you’re honestly too tired to hang, speak up. It’s a lot less of a mood killer.

Unexpected Gas

You can’t always control what slips out (sorry!) but you can watch what you eat before you twist the sheets. Avoid oily, fatty or spicy food for at least six hours before your date. Your stomach will thank you for it.

You Get Overly Emotional

Intimacy is emotional and sometimes our emotions can catch us off guard. He will want to know what’s wrong, but you may not have an answer he’ll like. Don’t feel pressured to continue. It’s okay to excuse yourself and take the time you need to pull it together.

Bad Kissing Breath

Some smells are harder to get rid of than others, so keep that in mind when you’re ordering onions for dinner. A breath mint or gum will help, but it’s no match for garlic.

You Don’t, He Does

If you’re not ready to share a bed with him you should say so. Make it clear where you stand before anyone’s key goes in the door. It’s not a good time to talk about what you do and don’t want when things are already hot and heavy.

You Forgot to Shave

Your hair is perfect, the dress is fierce, but your legs are causing a little “friction”. It’s embarrassing and there’s very little you can do about it when it happens. To avoid it, make a note to shave two days before your big date.

The Body Shaper Is Still On

We all have to suck and tuck a little sometimes to get the look we want from your clothes. But those shapers are work to get in and out of and there’s nothing smooth about them. Visit the bathroom right before you two start undressing and slip it off.

The Phone Rings

Unless it’s an emergency, your phone can wait. The only thing you should focus your eyes on are his rock hard abs. Take all calls and send all texts beforehand and be sure the phone stays off and in your bag — no exceptions.



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