How To Get Stronger, Longer Natural Hair..

Today, women are embracing their hair texture, more than ever, and opting to wear their hair naturally. At times it can be a challenge, if you are not using products specifically designed to care for natural hair. It’s important to note that caring for natural hair needs and deserves the same amount of care as relaxed hair. Regardless of the texture, healthy hair is the first step to stronger hair.

Here are a few tips on caring and maintaining healthy, natural hair:

Start with products that are salon-quality and formulated to replenish, repair and prevent breakage, such as the Optimum Care Salon Collection.

Always condition hair after every wash using a product that penetrates from the root to the tip line, such as the Optimum Care Salon Collection Deep Conditioning Masque.

Protect your hair! If you straighten your hair always use a thermal heat protector such as, Optimum Salon Collection Heat Protection Polisher, on hair before blow-drying. It’s a perfect product for achieving sleek and straight looks without harsh chemicals. It is also perfect for transitioning your hair from relaxed to natural.

When blow drying, always work in sections. Divide hair into manageable sections, starting at the nape of the neck working your way toward the front of the head in 2 to 3 inch sections.

Styling your Natural Hair – Styling depends on how you want to wear your hair natural, i.e. twists, short natural curly styles or braids. But in general, always remember that your hair needs Moisture, Moisture and Moisture. Make sure to use products that deeply nourish and condition hair without drying it out.


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