Nate Dogg’s Family Fighting Over His Estate

TMZ is reporting that Nate Doggs children and are opposed to their grandmother or stepmother having access and control of their father’s money, this according to Nate Dogg’s daughter. When Nate Dogg passed away back in 2011 he did not have a will so his current wife Latoya Calvin took charge of the estate. However, Dogg’s children were against this so they asked the courts to appoint a lawyer to be head of his estate with no luck. Last week Nate’s wife filed papers in court requesting Nate’s mother, Ruth Holmes, to be a “co-administrator” of the estate. However, Nate Doggs children are against this, his dauther Aundrane Hale told TMZ, “Ruth doesn’t have my best interest or the interest of my brothers and sisters.” Hale added that Latoya “didn’t even show up to Nate’s funeral” and her grandmother “was never a grandmother” and admitted to retaining money in the past.


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