SUG elections suspended?

Rumours of the SUG election in the school reported to be suspended as no election will take place. A care taker committee is said to be put in place to guide the affairs of the school.

This is the second time a care taker committee has been set to to rule over the school’s affairs as contestants for various positions still keeping it real. Posters, bill boards have been put in place and campaign activities going on strongly. Every candidate want to prove worthy of being selected.

The politics in the school concerning the SUG has been a real drama in the recent past. As no main election has taken place since the tenure of Damisa and his administration. That tenure experienced series of strike activities and court actions as unfortunately the VC was removed.

Political oriented students tend to agree on the fact that it would be difficult for the school to endorse or see a LAW student presiding the SUG again. That might lead to lots of drama like the previous administration but again what do we know.

The candidates’ should keep doing their thing, they not resting on the laurels. They keep convincing the students and the school and probably the Edo State Government. But again its the SUG election of AAU. LET THE STUDENTS DECIDE



Francis Mensah


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