The return (Tony Tetuila & Azadus)..

Azadus, known for playing a fusion of reggae, hip hop, R and B and soul, is a talented musician who has been out for some time, but his new singles may just bring him back to the spot lite. The master toaster and stage show expert drops a new video ‘Don’t You Cry’ is a mid tempo song featuring The Don while ‘Don’t You Cry’ is a lovely song to listen to. ‘Kerere’ is a party jam produced by Jay Sleek.

Before going solo in his musical career, he was a member of the group ‘Def ‘O Clan’, which performed at ‘Jimmy Jatt’s Road Block’, ‘Benson and Hedges’ and ‘Sun Splash shows in the 90’s.

Azadus released the albums ‘Azadus’ in 2000 ‘Distinguished’ in 2005 and collaborated on the album of Tony Tetuila’s album ‘Morning Time’ in 2006

Tony Tetuila returns to the screens with a fresh new video for his “Iwofa Lenu” single that was buzzing on the inter-webs last month.

Video directed by AJE Film work


Francis Mensah


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