When Bad Clothes Happen To Good People

The world of fashion is as detailed and as delicate as Neurosurgery. For most people it comes as a flair, for others it is as tedious as rocket science, while for the most part it all comes down to the mood,
theme for an occasion or the choice of the individual. Fashion doesn’t really require much but it is embarrassing to be caught donning a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to a black tie event.
Wardrobe Malfunction, fashion-faux-pas or Publicity Stunt? I’ll leave you to do the math on that.
Like I said fashion itself is as dynamic as it is simple, though it can be complex in its very conception which is why most people will give a 100% to their outfit and still come out looking prosaic, distasteful and drab, as if they came out of butchery fashion (you can ask Jim Iyke). Funny, but true.
For most, fashion is seen as a competition and more of a do or die affair in certain quarters. Whilst simplicity in fashion is what gives a fashion icon oritem its sophistication, class and grace. Take Michelle Obama for example or Kate Middleton donning a simple well-tailored dress, at her wedding to Prince William, or to her other functions which has all the more added panache to royalty.
There are few designers who how-ever, are quite likable as people, but as designers they’re not always on the mark. Take our own Kasse Jabari or Betsey Johnson, for example. She’s the one with the crazy hair and makeup, and a fantastic and exuberant personality.
Oh, she always does a cartwheel on the runway. But her Monday night show at Lincoln Center that has left me spell bind ever since I don’t think I’m even allowed to say what the show was called on this site, but she gave her outfits names such as “Loose” and “Too Hot.”
On the opposite end of the spectrum we have frank Osodi’s runway show. (His expose on African designers) It felt as if the two designers were creating clothes for an episode of “Designing Women”. Lots of inexplicable colors and very strange ruffles. African fabrics juxtaposed with European contours. In both cases I wanted to like the clothes. But I’ll patiently hope for the best next season.
Don’t get me wrong.Frank is a great designer who knows his art well, but all I’m saying is that good people should be known and be seen with and in good, fine clothes worthy of fashion and be remembered for their taste. Take Michelle Obama for example. She may be the most stylish occupant the White House has seen in decades, but that doesn’t mean Michelle Obama doesn’t have wardrobe woes like the rest of us.
We have power dressers in Nigeria and those in Diaspora who fly the Greenwhite Green with pride. Chris Aire. Better known as “The ice cream man” in Hollywood,owner of world renowned watch design “Chris Aire”, or Dare Art’Alade and otherswhose power sternum and exceptional blend of shades portray their confidenceand swag with a touch or air. But there days when good folks like Pasuma wonderturn out to wonder us who let him out of the house with the kind of get up he’sclad with. Did I hear somebody say comedy on red carpet? Then look no further,derele is your man.


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