Diggy Simmons Responds to J Cole Diss

Tyrese defends Diggy Simmons after J Cole dissed him on a new track. J Cole released a new freestyle, and apparently it was directed at Diggy: “The game need balance, the game need balance / woke up to the rumors of ni**as wildin’ / picture me hatin’ on a young ni**a with talent/ Album flopped but it’s cool – he caked out on his allowance” Over the weekend Tyrese has joined the beef defending Diggy on his Twitter saying: Shit ain’t gonna fly no more … J Cole … Diggy is family … Shit ain’t flyin … Ps .. I’m grown… Diggy released his own diss this morning saying, “I guess I rattled you, snaggletooth, you know better/ Thought J. stood for Jermaine, not Jetsetter/ You see me and shook my hand, coppin’ pleas in person/ Now you act less than a man, mentioning me in verses/ Man, you used to have dreams of my big sister kissing ya/ Now it’s nightmares of a little brother dissin’ ya/ Sneak disses and jabs, I don’t really see the benefit, but I guess you lame enough, probably keep you relevant/ Maybe you should sign with me instead of Mr. Carter/ How you mad at me, I got a relationship with my father.” He puts one final nail in the coffin. “This verse might as well be a hearse, killed you, ain’t even curse, ni**a.”

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