Anger and Its Side Effects

There ever lived a man by the name of Achilles. He was the greatest warrior ever existed on this planet. They said that he couldn’t be killed because he was immortal. The only way to kill him was to shoot an arrow in his toe. Why I am talking about Achilles the great because he was one of the bravest soldiers that fought for his King. The War could have been averted had there been peace among the Kings. There was a lack of Peace and Anger was on its prowl. I am not denying that anger is bad. It indeed is good when it is required in appropriate situations.

The effects of anger are very dangerous as they can take anyone under its wild and cruel shadow. There had been numerous instances in the past when anger led to excessive carnage or manslaughter. Why made people walk on a trail of anger? What were the reasons behind people getting trapped in a rage of fury? Many may hold the perception that those were ruthless individuals that carried out their inhumane ways for the purpose of ruling over their respective countries or fulfilling their cruel intentions.

Anger has always been on its prowl ever since the Lord created this mesmerizing planet. The emperors, dictators, kings, and other individuals had brutally ripped apart the sacred souls of people for their own inhumane deeds and it all occurred due to negative effects of anger. Anger is a second form of the Devil as people say due to the fact that negative people always followed the Satanic verses.

I don’t understand the fact that why can people not choose to spread love among those who are in desperate need of it. Then, the world would be a better place to live in. There shall be no cruel deeds revolving in the minds of people and thus, they would not be able to cause malice or urge a strong desire to harm others. If I throw some light on the anger, we would get acquainted with so many facts that we would be in a state of shock. Anger has never done any good to anybody. Therefore, it is fruitful for all of us if we stay away from coming in contact with it or having a close encounter with its unappreciated characteristics. Sometimes anger proves to be fruitful for people when it is carried out for the benefit of others, but it is not appreciated due to the fact that individuals may take a loose of their senses and follow the dark shadows of fury.
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