How Swimming With Music Can Make Working Out Easier

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Most people think of swimming as a pretty solitary sport and when you hear people like Michael Phelps describe their training, all you hear is about the thousands of laps that they do, “looking at the black line”. While there is certainly a lot of reasons why Phelps would get bored with swimming, the truth is that it is a lot of fun for some of us still and by incorporating an underwater MP3 player into your workout, it can be even more enjoyable.

Do They Make Underwater MP3 Players?

You might not even think that there is such a thing as an underwater or waterproof MP3 player, but there are several companies that make these now. They are literally waterproof and I have actually accidentally run mine through the washing machine on occasion, only to find out that they are still okay at the end of the rinse cycle!

Can You Hear the Music?

Again, you would be wrong if you thought that you couldn’t hear the music while you are swimming, because you can. With one of the newer underwater MP3 players, you can clearly hear the music, almost as good as you would with normal headphones, primarily because these headphones are made to transmit sound through water and the ear buds go deep into your ear. They are comfortable and you will definitely be able to hear your tunes.

How Many Songs Do They Hold?

Obviously, each MP3 players is different and you will usually pay for more storage, but generally speaking you probably won’t swim for more than an hour or so, so even if your MP3 player only holds 50 or 100 songs, that should be enough to get you through several workouts. Some of the best players also have shuffle features so you always get an unexpected song every time.

These are easy to charge – you just plug them into your computer – and you can add or change songs at any time simply by downloading them from iTunes or directly from your computer’s memory. You can even listen to audiobooks while you swim!

Where Can You Buy Underwater MP3 Players?

It goes without saying that this isn’t the kind of product that you would buy in a normal electronics store, but you can go online to a site like Swim With Music where you will see that there are actually dozens of different models to choose from. They are affordable, easy to use, and will make your workouts a whole lot easier to get through!

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