Oprah Named The Highest Paid Woman in Entertainment

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Fobers released its list of the Highest-Paid Women in Entertainment, and it’s no surprise Oprah Winfrey tops the list earning $165 million between May 2011 and May 2012. This may be the last year she tops the list because she no longer receives revenue from “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and does not take a salary from her OWN TV channel. Her only income comes from the shows she produces, “Dr. Phil” and “Rachael Ray’ and “O” Magazine and her satellite radio station. Here is the full list of the 10 Highest-Paid Women in Entertainment 1. Oprah Winfrey $165 million 2. Britney Spears, $58 million 3. Taylor Swift, $57 million 4. (tie) Ellen DeGeneres and Rihanna, $53 million 6. (tie) Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez, $52 million 8. (tie) Gisele Bundchen, Katy Perry and Judge Judy, $45 million


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