Uti Nwachukwu homosexual allegations

Actor & TV host, Uti Nwachukwu has managed to stay mostly scandal-free, but recently, this has changed, as tales about his sexuality are being peddled by soft sell magazines and blogs.
Uti’s friendship with model Alex Ekubo has come under scrutiny, with some saying their relationship is the reason they’re still bachelors.

The 30-year-old has denied being gay, describing the allegations as hurtful and character damaging. He did this via his twitter page, saying he’s ready to take drastic steps if the rumour mongers don’t stop.
‘I’m going to say this just once. All false gossip mongers bout my sexuality are hereby warned! A scape goat will be chosen very soon. No threat.’

He also vented on facebook, saying: ‘Who God has blessed/elevated, no man can curse/bring down. Once there is a wonderful news about me, the devil’s agent try to interrupt but they always fail cause they use lies. Congrats to the false rumour mongers. I’ll say it once. Be warned. Very Very soon, a scape goat shall be found. I pray none of my current or former friends are involved cause the wrath of the Almighty Jehovah Lord God of Israel will spare no one. The Egyptian plague shall be child’s play compared to what is coming! They shall know I serve a living God. Same God that has crowned me, Baba God nooni. To you be all the glory honour worship adoration and praise forever more! Amen.. I love you UFC. Remain blessed.’

With this development, Uti joins the likes of Denrele Edun, Charly Boy, Rukky Sanda and Tonto Dike, all of whom, at different times, have had to battle rumours swirling about their sexuality.
Hmmmmnnnn… *lip sealed*

Below are pictures of him and alleged gay partner




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