Fashion Remedial

Sitting at the balcony one day, a girl passed by, and the first thing i noticed was
her striking looks and air of confidence; wow i said to myself, thats my kinda girl! already tripping, i looked down at her dressing and i felt disappointed and
turned my face away. Majority of girls fall into this category; striking
looks,all buttoned up confidence, and all but no dress sense. This inspired
my ‘fashion remedial’ it actually is alright to want to be trendy,get things in
vogue and all,but what really matters is putting together all this pieces to make them be in sync with each other .What is expected of every girl ain’t just what is in vogue but actually dress sense. These days we have the issue of colour
blocking ,which in my opinion most girls are actually violating. Its no wonder why people who look upon them have headaches and migraines.

Colour blocking is actually a chick’s
way to merge bright colors which compliment each other without them ‘shouting’. Another problem is girls purchasing ill fitted clothes that are either sizes too small,or too large,every girl should know her correct size, this flatters your figure, buying clothes too small or big
makes you look sloppy some girls in actual sense aren’t ‘fat’ but due to what they wear,they appear so.

Clothes aren’t just what we put on, we should remember that clothes speak alot about your personality, character, emotions, approachability,to mention a few. The manner in which we dress tells a lot about who we are. Also, clothes are in different categories and for different occasions,work clothes, play clothes, casual clothes, beach clothes and so on. What keeps me rolling my eyes is the ‘underwear’,we see girls parading in their underwear all in the name of fashion. They are called underwear for a reason for example, camisole should be worn beneath your clothing not as the main cloth. There are ways to look chick but well dressed. I encourage girls to work with their natural body shape and sense of style,no matter how lil. Developing a personal sense of style is quite easy.

Firstly, start by shopping with someone who is fashion inclined.
Secondly combine and recombine those pieces and choose the
match without shouting or clashing, demure. and matured.
Thirdly, ask the opinion of guys and girls alike, remember people’s opinion count! Before you make an outing, put on what you have in mind to wear at least a day to when you want to use it in order to check for last minute rips and all. Buy clothes in your size !lol…let me give you a clue perhaps you want to have lunch with friends,you could put on a free top with a
leggings (anything free goes with slim things,not looking like a sack of potatoes),big chunky earrings or you could actually keep it simple with pins, Put on some over sized glasses and purse (a must have) you should also have blazers and nice things, for a dinner, hmm this actually depends on the kinda dinner you attend, going for a birthday party, you could throw on a maxi dress and sandals and you good to go,really dope stuff trust me! Work should be kept professional always, remember after your dress sense comes your big pretty smile,cinch it up with that sexy air of confidence and you going to have alot of peeps going ‘atta gurl’ on you.

Fashion is what we buy;style is what we do wit it!



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