Missing the Anonymous!

A friend of mine n I were chatting one day when he received a call from this girl he has been tellin me about.his ‘imaginary friend’ he called her!after the conversation,he told he that he misses her…Now, the question comes to mind,’is it possible to miss someone you have never met?’that was the exact question i askt myself.
Today, there are many social networks we engage in and meet different kinds of individuals with diverse personalities.some leave an impression,some are just a big NO NO( not our kind of persons),others are close to our hearts.often times,we go on chatting with these anonymous individuals for days, months,even years without seeing in reality.we exchange numbers,and other stuffs.most times,the people we meet online know more about us than our physical friends and families.we often wish we could meet them in reality because we think they would have made the best of buddies;we tell them deep stuffs about ourselves and probably,
Vice versa..but what are the signs you actually miss them when they are not around??
*if any time you reach for your system or phone,your first thought is about buzzin the person,
*if you are busy or about to sleep and the person calls or buzzes and you abandon whatever you are doing just because you haven’t spoken to the person all day,
*if when you are bored,lonely or idle and you pick up your phone and go through you guy’s previous messages,
*if you are having a bad day and all you can think of is telling it all to that one person but he or she aint around,
*if you aren’t in sync with a dude or chick the way you are with that person, making you feel frustrated…
Then,honey,you definitely are missing someone you have never met! Then i ask myself another question,’is this love?’lol…leaving that for you to answer people!



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