I love to sleep, everybody sleeps I guess, so I dont see why its a big deal when they say I sleep too much, friends have complained over time, ignoring them is almost like reflex now lol.
I sleep when am tired, bored and mainly when I have to study at night, yeah am a student I have to study.

Sleeping is one of life’s coolest things if I may say, its really amazing when you are on a bed or couch with your body comfortably rested, then you close your eyes which gives you a relaxing sensation instantly seducing all parts of your body to go numb.

The aftermath of sleep is the shizNiz lol I mean you have strength, you are relaxed and most times happy after a sleep or nap. Most people even add sleeping as a hobby on social networking site this days, I dont think I can do that it will just be an avenue for my friends to taunt me even more


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