Christmas, you know, the thing I love about christmas is the mixture of ironies so, there is practically never a dull moment during this period.

Christmas,as a day has a general meaning of christ’s birth and all but it also means different things to different people; to some, its a solemn day of retreat,to some,its just another ordinary boring day ,to some,its a day for celebration(drink and make merry) and finally,to the last group of people,its a sad day, probably the day serves as a remembrance for a lost loved one or something awful.

These days,most people feel they are too old for an christmas celebration so they don’t really celebrate it, this is a wrong perception, how is christmas then meant to be?I believe christmas should b viewed through children’s eyes,only then will we be able to fully partake in the joy of christmas. Take a look at some kids,this is a time for them to put on their best clothes, go out, make new friends, etc.its just like a free day of romance.

A day to do something outside our routine,step out of your comfort zone and do something fun. This christmas why don’t you meet new people just for the fun of it, go out and treat yourself, take that grumpy neighbour of yours out,ask that girl/boy you like out,buy that dream dress or shoe,talk to that person you have been dieing to talk to. Remember, you’ve only got a short time of the christmas romance before the clock strikes 12!make the most of it Cinderella,its allowed.I sure am:). And don’t also forget to acknowledge Christ who was born this day…
Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year



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