The two-year-old who is allergic to Christmas


Little Archie Sims is the boy who is allergic to Christmas.

Not only does the two-year-old have an extreme reaction when he comes into contact with mince pies, chocolates, nuts and cheeses, but he also cannot go near all kinds of Christmas treats and yuletide items and festivities.

A nativity scene poses a problem because he reacts to animals and has hay fever symptoms when the youngster, from Salisbury, Wiltshire, goes near sheep, cows and chickens.

Festive danger: Two year old Archie suffers with severe allergies that prevent him enjoying many Christmas foods and traditions

During a trip to a forest, Archie broke out in a rash after he picked up a pine cone so they can only have a fake Christmas tree.

And after he reacted to two different kind of plastic bibs, even going to a simple children’s party can be fraught with problems in case he comes in contact with other synthetic materials.

Tests showed he was allergic to dairy, wheat, gluten, egg, soya, nuts, kiwi fruit and sulphite, a preservative found in children’s drinks and tinned foods.

Archie’s mum, Jess, 34, explained: ‘We try to make life as normal for him as possible because we don’t want him to miss out. But I have to be so careful.

Allergies: Mum Jessica Sims with Archie, who cannot eat dairy, wheat, gluten, egg, soya and nuts, stopping him from enjoying a wide range of festive treats

The family cannot have a natural Christmas tree as he gets a rash when he goes near pine cones

‘I took him to see Santa this week and after he’d sat on his knee, he gave him a wooden toy and a bag of chocolates. I literally had to yell ‘No!’ across the grotto and take them away and give him his own treats.’

Despite all his problems Jess is determined that Archie’s Christmas will be just as special as any other child’s.

‘I try to keep things as normal as possible and now he’s nearly two and a half, Archie will sit and have Christmas dinner with me and his dad Mike. But we’ll have gluten free gravy and sage and onion stuffing to make sure he is OK to eat it.’

Jessica has been helped to deal with Archie’s allergies by the charity Allergy UK. To find out more about their work, go to




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