Angry Man Sets Wife On Fire For Cooking Meat WithoutSalt

A man in Bihar, India set his young wife on fire merely
because she forgot to add salt to a mutton dish she had
cooked at home.
The victim with severe burn injuries has been admitted to a
local hospital for treatment even as police are conducting
raids to arrest her absconding husband.
The heart-rending incident occurred at Alam Tota locality
under Forbesganj police station in eastern Bihar’s Araria
district on Thursday night but was reported in the local
media only on Saturday.
Police said Nazarana Khatoon, 25, served the cooked mutton
to her husband Mohammad Guddu Khan when he returned
home after the day’s work on Thursday night but when he ate,
he found the dish tasteless as it had no salt, leaving him
extremely infuriated.
In a fit of rage, the man grabbed the kerosene lamp kept at
home, poured kerosene on his wife and then lit the match
stick before locking her in one of the rooms as she screamed
for help.
Someone in the area who heard her scream informed the local
police who reached the spot after about three hours due to
incomplete address details and finally rescued the victim who
was battling for life in her solitary confinement.
Immediately, she was moved to a local hospital for
treatment. Doctors say the victim has suffered more than 40
per cent burn injuries and her condition is still critical.
“She has survived just because of the police… but for our
timely action, she would have died of burn injuries,” the local
district superintendent of police Shivdeep Waman Lande
told newsmen on Saturday. He said it took the police three
hours to trace the victim as they had received an incomplete
Lande said the accused man was absconding after the
incident but the police had launched a massive manhunt to
arrest him. “He will be caught very soon,” said Lande adding
that the woman was badly beaten up and tortured before
being set on fire.

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