Chris Brown Moves In With Rihanna

The story just gets better for Breezy and Riri who have been
proving to the world lately that they are so in love. Rihanna
and the man who’s got her heart now because he’s treating
her like the only girl in the world, Chris Brown, are living
The lovebirds (are they ripe for that word yet?) apparently
decided it’d be a great idea for them to start living together,
so Chris moved into Rihanna’s $12 million Pacific Palisades
Rihanna’s Pacific Palisades
Although, people think this is all looking too good to be true,
but we don’t doubt this is true based on some recent Twitter
CB may be trying to prove himself as a good boyfriend.
Breezy even gave RiRi his Lamborghini while he decided to get
a new one. Despite all the love Chris Brown is trying to show,
someone has this to say about the car; “Wait, she gets the
used car and he gets the new one?? Sounds like someone has
some more learning to do


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One thought on “Chris Brown Moves In With Rihanna”

  1. That is the reason that a lot of people prefer to
    buy used cars. There are now plenty of companies that deal used cars online.
    Every week, I personally see thousands of cars lined
    up at the “paint shop” to be repainted.

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