The Holiday effect in AAU



School resumes on Monday the 7th of January 2012 as written by the school authorities in a previous bulletin.
So now, I’m officially welcoming all my AAUites back to school. Old students and freshers alike.
Although self imposed holidays might be taken by some students the school has officially resumed.

Lots of students missed the school atmosphere, friends, eating spots, co-operative, mama warri and maybe even their lecturers.
Others might have missed the end of semester shows and activities like Barrack, 911, Comedy Nights, Old school days and faculty events.
I bet some nerds missed answering questions in class, doing assignments that their course mates forgot to do and wanting to do a test nobody was prepared for.
I’m sure they even missed asking lecturers questions and proving they read all night before the class while peeps like me were either gaming all night or downloading films.
Going to various faculties scouting for chicks has to be missed by some very good bad boys I know. They even have timetable for all that, mondays for FNS, tuesdays its FAS then fridays for the LAW girls. lol
The cooperative hangouts and supreme nightclub was missed by the so called ‘cream chicks’. The ones who club all night and take all sorts of combinations of drinks. Fun for them I guess.
I guess I am probably the only person that didn’t miss school. But I do know I missed the cool jokes in shows by ‘Action’ or wonderful MC performances by ‘Edo pikin’ but I think I’d prefer staying at home and tweeting about new movies or trying to blog about some pretty cool stuffs, or even chatting with cuties on BBM.
So school resumes again? Sigh! , Early morning classes, arrhg! Rushing to school, forgetting to eat and then the lecturer doesn’t even make it that day.
Standing in halls and receiving a 3hour lecture, being asked a question when you weren’t paying attention, forgetting lunch money at home, having to trek from your faculty to the gate because you finished at 6pm that very day and all the shuttle drivers have gone home.
I guess school time just all about negatives for me. And I suppose some of you will share my pain.
But lets look at the bright side, we are in school to learn, to try and be focused, go to classes, do assignments, read for exams, pray for success and then we will graduate well.
To the freshers school is not so easy, don’t let anyone tell you other wise, study hard.
But success will come, and you will graduate. Someone once told me just close your eyes, and final year will come, well it didn’t quite work out that way.
Lastly shout out to the school administration for all their efforts , new buildings coming up, some to be opened this year, the NLT renovated. Shout out also to the AAU team on twitter @TEAM_AAU you guys are dope , to the facebook Aaufm page too, you are even up to 1000 likes now.
Well done!

By Anonymous.

The view

The view

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9 thoughts on “The Holiday effect in AAU”

  1. I share ur pain tho…..I also stay up all night gaming so I don’t really miss anytin…….jus the eating spots and the take freedom to go out whenever an always go home wif a chick and not be worried (u can’t do that @ home tho)……its cool tho cz I’ll prolly be resuming in about a month’s time…I have to take my well deserved self imposed holiday 😀

  2. Wow,this is cool,couldn’t help but smiled all through I read the A.A.U’s reminiscence…nice job guys…y’all should watch out for a new programme in school,it’s gonna be explosive,an eye opening event for AAUITES…a beneficial one too,stay tuned…

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