Whether we are actively religious or not,
religious belief permeates the very fabric of
our existence. Namely, it influences — if not
directly shapes — our legal systems; and
therefore our constitutions; and therefore our
nations’ policy choices, both at home and
abroad. It is then only logical to surmise that
religion also influences how we — individually
and collectively — view our role with regards to
protecting the environment. To suggest that
any one religion somehow cares more for the
Earth than the others would be foolish and
simplistic, but within each belief system there
lie subtle differences that, many argue, give an
indication as to how we view our position in
relation to it. Namely, there appear to be two
opposing questions that the world’s religions
have sought to answer over time: Are humans
an equal part of a greater organism which they
should therefore respect, serve and nourish?

By Rachel Oliver For CNN

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