Justin Bieber Needs Help; Lil Twist Is Destroying Him!



Justin Bieber is under the influence of a rapper named Lil
Twist — and the rapper may be leading him down a dangerous
path. Twist was with Bieber in a Newport Beach hotel room
last week, where, we learnt the rapper was happily rolling
blunts for Bieber and others.
Sources familiar with the situation say JB and Twist have
become tight and have been smoking together on a number of
other occasions. You’ll recall Twist was speeding on the 405
Freeway New Year’s Day in Justin’s Ferrari when he was
pulled over by cops. A photographer was killed trying to snap
pics of the traffic stop.
Prior to the accident, Twist and Justin had spent much of
the day in a room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills,
where Justin frequently gets a room. Sources involved in
Justin’s life that care about him are deeply concerned that
Twist has become a powerful negative influence in his life and
feel very strongly Justin needs a clean break from the
rapper or else bad things are going to happen. They think the
all so beautiful life and a future full of promise may go down
in shambles if Biebs continues being tight with Twist.
Lil Twist is signed by Lil Wayne and close knit with the Cash
Money and Young Money crews.
Where is Usher when you need him? Would you please do
something to help your protégé, Mr Raymond

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