Boko Haram: My Undisputed Man Of The Year2012

In 2002, the fundamentalist
Islamic sect Boko Haram came
onto the Nigerian terrain as a
sedate religious splinter
organization. Officially known
as Jama’at Ahlis al-Sunnah
Liddah’awati Was-
Jihad or “People committed to
the Propagation of the
Prophet’s teachings and Jihad,” its colloquial name Boko
Haram is coined from Hausa and Arabic for “animist or
western or non-Islamic education is sinful.” By 2006, it
went viral after the judicial murder of its charismatic
founder, Mallam Mohammed Yusuf by the Nigeria Police. The
year 2009 marked the Jihadist group’s metamorphosis into
a Salafistmovement. Then from 2010, the “Nigerian
Taliban” became the nation’s nightmare. Militancy became its
currency of operation. After Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe
Jonathan, GCFR, was elected president in April 2012,
elemental powers in northern Nigeria negotiated the militant
group as a template to destabilize and destroy his
government. “Regime change” became the ultimate, hidden
agenda of the conservative North which saw and sought to
use Boko Haram as a tool to make Nigeria under the
administration of President Jonathan ungovernable. The
Jihadists then moved fast to realize its agreement with
northern traditional, political, religious, feudal and business
princes. But like a grown up tiger, Boko Haram rapidly
expanded beyond the subtle mandate it received from the
northern conservatives. From 2012, the terrorist brigade
began a successful war of attrition against Christians,
southerners, their places of worship, the federal government
of Nigeria, its agencies and offices, universities,
infrastructures, luxury buses, a few enemy Muslim leaders,
traditional rulers and the presence and properties of the
international community in Nigeria. In early 2012, thousands
of southern Christians heeded the sect’s warnings that non-
Muslims in the North unwilling to convert to Islam should go
back to the South. On February 4, 2012, former governor of
Kaduna State, Col. Abubakar Umar warned Nigerians against
compliance with any terror inspired exodus by Boko
Haram that will aid the dismemberment of the nation. The
extremists later upped their Islamic ante over the whole
nation: “Christians in Nigeria should accept Islam, that is the
true religion, or they will never know peace.” It declared that
it has no other “agenda than working to establish an Islamic
Kingdom.” Boko Haram even issued a public warning to
President Jonathan to convert to Islam! For now, the
president remains a Christian, hiding in Aso Rock’s fortified
bunkers from where he largely rules over the South. In
reality, the mass murdering Islamic grim reaper sect is
indirectly, but effectively governing the following northern
states: Kano, Borno, Yobe, Jigawa, Gombe, Adamawa, Bauchi,
Niger, Kaduna, Zamfara, Plateau, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto,
Kogi, Taraba, Nassarawa. It achieved this occupation by an
amalgam of terrorism, gun attacks, bombings, fear, tribal
loyalty, Islamic solidarity, feudal patronage, political
sagacity, financial and military help from Diaspora Islamic
terrorist organisations. The nihilist sect is Nigeria’s home
grown Hamas! Courtesy of Boko Haram’s destructive fire
power, Nigeria in 2012 manifested the symptoms of a failing
state. In August 2012, the leader of the Arewa Youth
Group, Gambo Gujungu scanned our national horizon and
declared: “Maiduguri is now a no-go area, nothing is going
on there and nobody wants to go there because of the
atmosphere of uncertainty. Kano is in the headlines on a
daily basis and can be described as the theatre of
guerrilla warfare. In Yobe, even animals are not spared
as over a hundred {cattle} were recently ambushed and
killed. Kaduna is not free despite being fortified by all
kinds of security.” Col. Abubakar Umar wailed that “Boko
Haram’s ambition of creating a climate of fear, terror
and panic ahead of their plan to re-invent Nigeria seems
close to reality. A visitor to some of the major cities in
northern Nigeria – Kano, Bauchi, Maiduguri, Kaduna and
so on – will be forgiven to conclude that Nigeria is at
war. Indeed, every passing day brings heart-rending
stories of cruel killings from Boko Haram bombs and
explosions with panic stricken citizens running from pillar
to post. With police and military check-points conducting
widespread stop-and-search everywhere, the scenario of
a nation at war is hardly disputable.” Since Boko
Haram’s January 20, 2012, back-to-back bombings in Kano
that killed over 180 people, damaged many government
offices and brought tears to the eyes of the venerable Emir
of Kano, HRM Alhaji Ado Bayero, the nation’s second largest
commercial city has been comatose. 29 policemen and Eneche
Akogwu, Channels TVreporter were among the unknown
number of dead souls. Police formations, immigration and
passport offices, a high school, markets stalls and residential
houses were razed in the deadly encounter. The economic
destabilization of a city that was a Trans Saharan Trade hub
and northern ECOWAS Region engine room until 2009 is felt
by millions of people across five countries. Commercial life in
the North is in the service lane. While Gujungu spoke the
truth; the Northern Governor’s Forum after their March
2012 jamboree at General Hassan Katsina House, Kaduna,
selfishly, foolishly, ignorantly and arrogantly enthused
that“Boko Haram’s days are numbered.” The rejoicing
governors may soon join the ranks of internally displaced
persons from their states taking shelter in other places. In
December 2012, thousands of Nigerians fleeing the deadly
group’s violence took refuge in Niger Republic’s Diffa Region,
about 1,500 km east of its capital city, Niamey. Boko
Haram even had the temerity to twice warn Governor Rabiu
Kwankwanso of Kano State in writing before they struck on
January 20, 2012. In the letter copied HRM Alhaji Ado
Bayero, the Dan Masanin Kano Alhaji Yusuf Maitama Sule and
the Wamban Kano Alhaji Abbass Sanusi, the destructive sect
made clear its undivided aim: “Is just to go back to the
ways of our Creator {Allah} where justice, discipline,
good morals, love, peace, progress etc prevail.” FOR
President Jonathan told a startled nation on January 8, 2012
that the Islamist mass murderers had penetrated all arms of
government. In the past, Nigeria was assailed by Islamist
purists like Maitashine and Ibrahim El-Zakzaky whose
Jihadist zealotry brought about the Bulunkutu religious
disturbances and riots in Kano, Kaduna, Bauchi, Yola,
Maiduguri, Zaria and other northern cities. The Kala Kato was
a radical, anti-establishment, anti-western Islamic sect that
laid siege on Bauchi town on January 2010. Over 70 people
died in the sect’s confrontation with security agents,
including the leader of the insurgents, Mallam Badamosi.
Properties worth millions of naira were lost in the uprising.
However, Boko Haram stands heads and shoulders about its
fellow crusaders. The brinksmanship of its former Director
of Public Communication, Abu Qaqa who was arrested in
Kaduna State on February 2, 2012 by the department of
state security revealed the infancy of President Jonathan’s
press handlers. A terrorist imprimatur, Qaqa is gifted with
admirable P. R. skills that dwarfed the presidential press
corps. The boast by security agents that his arrest will sink
the sect has gone up in smoke! If Dr Taofeeq Abdulazeez, a
lecturer in the department of English and Literary Studies
at the University of Abuja is correct, the government
actually midwifed Boko Haram! According to the university
teacher who is also the Chief Imam of
the UNIABUJA mosque, “essentially, Boko Haram is a
creation of government; it is an Islamic movement that has
been hijacked by politicians and other powerful elements in
the society for the purpose of destabilizing this nation.” By
what looks like capitulation and appeasement, the government
of President Jonathan has quietly negotiated away our
sovereignty to the Islamists. On February 8, 2012,
the Nigerian Television Authority aired a tape during
its Network News programme where some masked men asked
for dialogue with the federal government and named five
northerners to represent it. While the government doubted
the authenticity of the tape and the voices in it, Minister of
Information Labaran Maku was eager and begging for
dialogue: “But whatever grievances that they have, the mere
fact that they have grievances and they have taken to
violence presupposes that we should listen to them.” The
minister said that government will engage “every form of
channel of communication with Boko Haram that could lead to
dialogue. The government is clear, we are ready for dialogue,
already the President had said so.” A clearly terrified
President Goodluck Jonathan favours dialogue
conditionally: “If they clearly identify themselves now and
say this is the reason why we are resisting, this is the
reason why we destroy lives of some innocent people and
their property … then there will be a basis for
dialogue.” As soon as he took office, the National Security
Adviser, Col. Sambo Ibrahim Dasuki visited some of the
states castrated by the Jihadist onslaught. According to his
press release, the “cogent message in all the meetings he has
held so far with some stakeholders is the need for leaders to
reach out and prevail on Boko Haram members to cease fire
as to create room for dialogue.” The Minister of State for
Defense, Mrs Olusola Obada said the federal government is
for dialogue. Even HRM Sultan Abubakar, the head of
Nigeria’s Muslims and the Speaker of the House of
Representatives, Hon. Aminu Tambuwal offered themselves
as talk mediators! But in Bayelsa State birthplace of
President Jonathan on December 6, 2012, his Special Adviser
on Research, Documentation and Strategy, Mr. Oronto
Douglas lampooned any proposal for dialogue with the
sect. Though the approach of the fanatical Muslim sect is to
play hide and seek on dialogue, its dual methodology of
bomb/kill and ask for talks has put the federal government
which lacks a clearly defined dual strategy of containment
and dialogue on the defensive. FOR SKILLFULLY
THE YEAR 2012!
The killer brigade has wonderfully, but unfortunately
portrayed the government of President Jonathan as a feeble
puppetry. It has not been able to defeat the insurgents by an
all-encompassing espionage, frontal military engagement and
financial intelligence. It has no expertise to trace, track and
cripple their funding capacity and financial sponsors. In the
view of Dr Samuel Kugiyat, Northern Chairman of
the Christian Association of Nigeria, “the onslaught and
killing of Christians with impunity by Boko Haram is certainly
a national disgrace.” In the North, education is a casualty of
the rampaging Boko Haram gunners and bombers. A co-
participant with this correspondent at Fidelity Bank Plc’s
2010 International Writing Workshop who is now at the
University of Maiduguri, in the Borno State capital paints a
picture of a campus on total siege and silence. The brazen
murder of over 40 students of Mubi Polytechnic, Adamawa
State in 2012 has not cooled frayed nerves. Churches in
university campuses in the North have been bombed and
worshippers killed. The National Executive Council of
the Association of Primary School Head Teachers met in
Abuja in July 2012, and its president, Lawal Mahmud cried
himself hoarse: “We want the Federal Government to take
proactive steps concerning this insecurity threat because it’s
already telling on the educational well-being of the country.
Our pupils no longer feel safe in their learning
environment.” Unfortunately, Mahmud’s appeal fell on the
ears of a deaf federal administration whose officials don’t
send their children to Nigerian primary schools! The hugely
embarrassing activities of the sect openly caused President
Jonathan public weeping, speech impediment, incoherence and
a suspected incontinence. The dexterity of Boko
Haram mocks the skill of the Nigeria Police and threw open
the putrid decay in the department of state security. The
efficiency and fire power of the Islamists has impoverished
the entire North even as its action has polarized the nation,
earning us bad press worldwide. Its economic and
international warfare has made federal and state revenues
to nosedive and caused Nigeria to yield its former diplomatic
hob in West Africa to Ghana. The sect’s administrative skill
and long reach evidences its capacity to mount multiple
attacks simultaneously. The way and manner it attacked
prisons and freed their members show first class intelligence.
The acuity of its leadership many of whom received good
western education can be gauged from its propaganda
successes in attributing their insurrection to poverty and
deprivation which bad leadership in the North and decades of
northern dominated federal misrule brought about in the
first place. Apologists of the Jihadists blame the 13 per cent
of shareable revenues to oil producing states on the basis of
derivation as the tonic of the insurgency. The garrulous,
Islamist Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mallam
Sanusi Lamido Sanusi told the Financial Times of London on
January 27, 2012: “There is clearly a direct link between
the uneven nature of distribution of resources and the
rising level of violence. When you look at the figures
{revenue allocation to states} and look at the size of the
population in the north you can see there is a structural
imbalance of enormous proportions.” But Governor Godswill
Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State isn’t convinced: “If every poor
man in this country decides to become a suicide bomber,
Nigeria definitely would not exist. Some have said that it
is unemployment. Again, if everybody who is not employed
in this country decides to turn into suicide bombers, who
will be left?” In the views of the US Assistant Secretary of
State for African Affairs Mr Johnnie Carson, “the threat
from Boko Haram grows as Nigeria’s standard of living
declines.” Promptly, the CAN President Pastor Ayo
Oritsejafor educated the US government about the volatile
vision and destructive mission of the Jihadists. Reiterating
that the North which held sway for a greater part of
Nigeria’s history is livid for losing power, the cleric
maintained: “We reject the reason being peddled by the
American government and some Boko Haram apologists in the
North that poverty and injustice are the spark for the sect’s
members action.” The clergyman has a supporter in the late
Middle Belt born Major Gideon Orkar who declared in his
botched coup of April 1990 that the core North which he
foolishly and emotionally excised too early and too rashly
from the federation, saw the South as its
rightful “colony.” From the beginning, Boko
Haram successfully employed patronage and propaganda in
its war with the Nigerian state. Professor Jerry Gana, a
prominent northern elemental power, CAN elder and
information minister in the regime of President Olusegun
Obasanjo twice stood bail for the late Boko Haram founder,
Mohammed Yusuf. In 2009, ex-governor of Borno State, Ali
Modu Sheriff had a private talk with Yusuf in their native
Kanuri language in a police cell before his judicial murder by
the police. In October 2012, the Borno Elders Forum shrilly
called for the disbandment of the JTF for alleged human
rights violations. A renowned western news agency even aired
a video showing the JTF killing civilians. Despite the denial of
the defense authorities, it caused a great outcry from
international human rights groups. Later, the western news
agency owned up that it was a fabrication. At least two
northern state governors have been publicly named as
sponsors and patrons of the Jihadists. Clearly, the
controlling body of northern Muslims, the Jama’atu Nasril
Islam is subtly and silently behind the group. After a 3-day
retreat in Kaduna in August 2012, its Secretary-General Dr
Khalid Aliyu issued a caustic communiqué that frowned “on so
many contradictions and confusion in the way the issue of
Boko Haram is handled by security agents and the media.” It
lied that “especially the Christian dominated southern media
have always demonstrated bias against Islam and
Muslims.” In a statement allegedly made in aNigerian
Television Authority {NTA} programme shown on August 15,
2012, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Dr
Nurudeen Mohammed called Nigeria “an Islamic country with
the largest Christian population.” After the President of
theChristian Association of Nigeria {CAN}, Pastor Ayo
Oritsejafor took exemption to that false categorization, Dr
Mohammed hurried to make corrections. What he claimed to
have said at a meeting of the Organisation of Islamic
Cooperation {OIC} in Saudi Arabia was that Nigeria
remains “the largest Islamo-Christian country in the
Ominously, Boko Haram graduated from using bows, arrows,
dane guns and machetes in 2002 to Improvised Explosive
Devices by 2010. Now, they are in the market for the latest
military armaments such as rocket launchers that propel
missiles or explosives from long ranges and rocket propelled
grenades, which are explosive projectile weapons employed to
attack or destroy targets from long distances. This lethal
elevation has increased tempers and temperature in the
presidency, the Ministry of Defense, northern governor’s
offices, the offices of the Chief of Defense Staff and the
Inspector General of Police. Police spokesman Mr. Frank Mba
termed it as a “worrisome development.” The state security
service is justifiably worried. Nigeria’s over 400 km land
border of which some are mountainous, over 800 km ocean
border and hundreds of illegal routes does not make their
job easier. In June 2012, the American government
designated three Boko Haram leaders as global terrorists.
The Jihadist insurgents have working agreement with al-
Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb which has been refitting it
with lethal weaponry. On April 5, 2012, security operatives
swooped on a cache of 51 rocket launchers in a residence at
Barunde, Gombe. “Apart from the rocket launchers, 48 bags
of fertilizers, sulphuric acid and cortex items were
recovered. Other items recovered were detonators, remore
control devices, different types of chemicals, six containers
for preparation of IEDs and other items,” according to Borno
State SSS director, Bitrus Asha. On July 30, 2012, the
military Joint Task Force recovered 10 RPGs and other
advanced arms at the Nigeria-Chad border. 8 rocket
launchers, 10 rocket bombs, 10 rocket chargers, 2 AK 47
rifles and 13 magazines were intercepted by the JTF in
Maiduguri a day later. In Apapa, Lagos, security operatives
October 2012 intercepted 13 containers carrying rocket
launchers, cartridges, hand grenades and other weapons of
mass destruction. The police wailed that “we don’t have the
sophistication to manufacture these war weapons. Iran,
Yemen, Syria, Libya and others are suppliers.” In response,
the Nigeria Police is forced to sign security pacts with some
ECOWAS nations and co-opt international support from
Interpol. The Inspector General of Niger Republic came to
dialogue with Nigeria’s police chief, Mohammed Abubakar in
August 2012. On January 24, 2012, ECOWAS Foreign
Ministers met in Nouakchott, Mauritania to confer on
terrorism. While the meeting agreed to intensify efforts at
curtailing terrorist groups like Boko Haram,Niger Republic’s
Foreign Minister Mohamed Bazoum confirmed that the
Nigerian Islamic sect receives training and weaponry from
al-Qaeda’s Maghreb unit. The US Department of State
Country Report on Terrorism 2011 said that Boko
Harammurdered 590 people in 2011 alone. On July 31, 2012,
Coordinator for Counterterrorism, USA, Daniel Benjamin
credited Nigeria with 20 per cent of the 978 terrorist
attacks that happened in Africa in 2011. In summary, the
report deemed Boko Haram more deadly in 2011 than in the
preceding year. UK Foreign Secretary William Hague was
numbed by the scale and ferocity of Boko Haram’s January
20, 2012 night of long knives in Kano: “I am shocked and
appalled by the large scale terrorist attacks in Kano,
Nigeria yesterday. The nature of these attacks has
sickened people around the world.” The terrorists and the
JTF battled again in Maiduguri in the first week of
December 2012. Four Boko Haram sub-commanders who
majored in manufacturing Improvised Explosive Devices
{IEDs} and petrol bombs were killed in the dwell. A cache of
arms and ammunition was recovered. According to the JTF
spokesman Lt. Col. Sagir Musa, “all the recovered items
were planned to be used by the terrorists for operation
‘Black Christmas’ aimed at disrupting a peaceful
Christmas celebration in Borno State.” The Islamist’s
ability to deplore bombs, firearms, explosives, and recruit
suicide bombers points to effective liaison with international
terrorist groups in West Africa and beyond. The dubious
staying power and organizational ability of the
fundamentalists can be seen in their continuing and
committed warfare with the Nigerian state even after the
death of its founder. FOR HUGELY HARRASSING ECOWAS
Certainly, the killer group is richer today than two years
back. On October 26, 2012, the spokesman of the Joint Task
Force, Lt. Col. Musa Sagir said in Maiduguri that the sect had
switched to “threatening and extortions.” According to
him, “the Boko Haram terrorists have desperately resorted
to anonymous threat SMS messages and written notes to
selected individuals including top government officials,
politicians and traders, demanding for large sums of money
to be used for certain purposes and building of mosques in
Maiduguri.” On November 3, 2011, the department of state
security personnel nabbed another spokesman of the group,
Ali Sanda Umar Konduga, a.k.a. Usman al-Zawahiri. This
terrorist fingered ex-governor of Borno State, Ali Modu
Sheriff as the chief supporter of the sect. Sheriff even
made a terrorist, the late Fuji Foi a commissioner. After Foi,
Saidu Pindar, Nigeria’s one time envoy to Sao Tome and
Principe became Boko Haram’s ATM. Like Foi, Pindar died in a
motor accident on August 31, 2011, on his way to allegedly
give the sect a reported N5 million. Kodunga said that
Mohammed Ali Ndume, an ex-two term member of the House
of Representatives and a serving senator became the sect’s
financier after the passage of Pindar. A highly prized asset,
Konduga was the terrorist’s chief press officer who wrote
threat letters to Governors Babangida Aliyu and Sule Lamido
of Niger and Jigawa states respectively, ex-president
Olusegun Obasanjo, Minister of Justice and Attorney
General of the Federation, Mohamed Bello Adoke and the
Chairman of Borno State Election Tribunal, Justice Sabo
Adamu. Konduga confirmed that “the intention of the
threat to the Chairman of the Borno State Election
Tribunal was to ensure that he nullified the present
administration of Governor Kashim Shettima.” State
Security Service spokesman Marilyn Ogar is positive that
Ndume’s arrest “further confirms the Service position
that some of the Boko Haram extremists have political
patronage and sponsorship.” So far, Shettima stays put as
governor while Ndume remains a senator. It’s known that the
senator representing Borno Central in the National Assembly,
Ahmed Zanna gave Boko Haram N1.5 million for Sallah rams
in 2012. This terrorist fund raising effort designed by the
sect to help it run welfare and religious programs is an
audacious PR move. Despite the resolve of the JTF
that “whoever succumbs to these threats and extortions of
money and other resources solicited by the Boko Haram
would be uncovered, arrested and treated as an accomplice
and financier of the Islamists terrorists’ sect in Borno
State,” Ahmed Zanna who is still a free man in the Nigerian
Senate, was accused by the Joint Task Force of sheltering
a “high profile Boko Haram commander,”Shuaibu Mohammed
Bama after the chief terrorist was arrested by the security
outfit in his Damboa Area, Maiduguri house on October 19,
2012. Senator Zannah admitted that the terrorist was his
cousin and a “bad character,” but denied that he was
arrested in his house, a claim that the Director, Army Public
Relations, Brigadier General Bola Koleosho
called “ridiculous.”Zannah also distanced himself from being
a sympathizer, financier or propagandist of the killer
brigade. Sherrif who is credited in some knowledgeable
quarters to be the godfather of Boko Haram called Zannah
a “drowning man.” According to him, Zanna has “obvious
involvement with Boko Haram given his past antecedence,
where people fingered him as illegal importer of arms via his
Hajj-by-road fame.” Sherrif who has answered two security
service invitations about his links with the group blamed the
People’s Democratic Party as “the engine room behind Boko
Haram.” For Sheriff, this “widely believed theory” is
confirmed by the fact that two senators of the ruling party
have been named as alleged sponsors of the killer sect. Late
2011, the Joint Task Force and the department of state
security arrested Senator Ali Ndume and put him on trial for
being a Boko Haram sponsor. Till date, the case seems to have
gone into voice mail. Qaqa said that Bauchi governor Isa
Yuguda paid them protection money up to mid 2011 and
allowed them to use Bauchi Mountain as training camps.
Intelligence sources concede that the sect gets cash from
criminal Jihadi elements in the Sahel and from al
Qaeda’s Maghreb arm. The nihilist group also raises millions
of naira via bank robbery. Against the established police
routine of undercover and sting operations of filtrating
agents to expose and undermine terror, the Inspector
General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar publicly said that
two senators and an ex-governor of Borno State were being
watched to establish their culpability with Boko Haram. He
justified this crass unprofessional etiquette on the fact
that “we need evidence to build strong cases against
them.” Governor Babaginda Aliyu was distressed about a self
confessed Boko Haram terrorist who was jailed three years
for a “misdemeanor.” Aliyu warned that“if the country
continues to treat acts of terrorism with kid gloves,” the
prediction of an American agency that Nigeria will
disintegrate by 2015 may come to pass. In 2011, Jeremiah
Useni, a retired general and Chairman of All Nigeria People’s
Party {ANPP} concluded that the separatists have local
While northern governors wring their hands helplessly and
the arch conservative Arewa Consultative Forum, the apex
elemental power of the region paint a hapless and hopeless
situation, Boko Haram expands its reach and relationships.
Security experts link it to al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb,
AQIM and Somalia’s Al Shabaab terrorists. Boko
Haram’s leader, Abubakar Shekau even threatened Britain
and the United States. To Kaduna based Islamic scholar
Sheikh Ahmed Gumi, Boko Haram is not a problem. Rather,
Gumi trained his blaming guns outside the shores of this
country. According to the Islamic cleric, international
American and European oil mafias “want to divide the Nigeria
so that they will have control over the nation’s resources.
They do not want Nigeria to become a strong
nation.” Reuters December 2012 quoted a video posted on
November 29, 2012 by SITE, a US based organization in
which Abubakar Shekau showed solidarity with fellow Islamic
guerillas. In the 39 minutes video sent to many Jihadist fora,
the bearded destroyer saluted comrades in “the Islamic
state in Mali, our brothers and sheikhs in usurped
Palestine.” The translated transcript quoted the maximum
killer as advising that the world “should witness, and
America, Britain, Nigeria and other crusaders, meaning
America and Britain, should witness, and the Jews of Israel
who are killing the Muslims in Palestine should witness … that
we are with our mujahideen brothers in the cause of Allah
everywhere.” Shekau then warned: “O Britain, America, Israel
and Nigeria: Don’t think that jihad stops with the death of
imans. Because imams are individuals. Jihad started now,
jihad started now, O enemies of Allah.” It seems to this
correspondent that this Jihadist horde will be around for a
long time! A sensual dimension, an additional elixir is now
beginning to help us understand the modus operandi of the
Islamic fundamentalists. We now have a firm idea why
Jihadists accept death willingly, why northern Nigeria has
become a cauldron of destruction. Militants sent on suicide
missions by the incendiary sect are promised 72 luscious
virgins in their hellish heaven according to revelations
from the trial of four Boko Haram suicide bombers. At
the Abuja High Court trial of Salisu Ahmed, Umar Babagana-
Umar, Mohammed Ali and Musa Adam who were arrested on
July 28, 2011 at Gumel Junction, Kachia, Kaduna State, an
army officer said in his evidence-in-chief that cell phones
seized from the virulent Jihadists yielded this information.
The News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, has it that the first
message from Boko Haram leadership to the bombers
read: “Do a deed which Allah by his grace and mercy saves
you from the punishment of the grave and a dangerous bridge
with a speed of light. Save you from the greatest fear. Allow
you save from hell fire. 70 members of your family shall
marry you 72 virgins in paradise, gives you a crown of
respect, which even the prophet will be impressed with. Keep
your soul in the green birds of paradise and your wish to
return to the world and die as he died because of the good
blessings and reward you encounter after such noble last
deed. I pray for you to do such a noble deed.” On this
application of er*tic content to mass murdering militancy,
the Jihadists are entirely in tandem with what their
leadership commanded. Under the headline: “What Prophet
Muhammad said about Paradise,” the December 14, 2012
issue of Daily Sun newspaper, page 53 tells us: “The
Shaheed will marry 72 women of Paradise” – {Tirmidhi, Ibn
Majah};“the tents are a hollowed out pearl, sixty miles
high, in each corner of it the believer will have a wife
whom no one else can see” – {Bukhari}; “the women of
Paradise will sing for their husbands in the most beautiful
voices that anyone has ever heard” – {Tabarani}.
Unfortunately, the gallant officers and men of the Nigeria
Police, the armed forces and the security services who battle
the Islamic insurgents don’t have the good luck of being
promised 72 luscious virgins in heaven by the federal
government of President Jonathan for dying in defense of
their fatherland! I especially doff my hat for the devoted
Muslims who have so far resisted the lure of dumping the
services of the Nigerian government for the allure of 72
luminous virgins and rivers of endless wines offered by Boko
Haram in their afterlife. FOR HAVING THE CARNAL
Boko Haram has successfully and fearfully mercenarized
Islamic violence in West Africa and rubbished the reputation
of the Nigerian armed forces. It has caused embarrassing
security lapses, leadership flaws and questionable escape of
captured terrorists while in police custody that brought
about the inglorious retirement and dismissal of many
security functionaries of the state like the National
Security Adviser, General Andrew Owoye Azazi who was
fired in June 2012 and replaced with Col. Sambo Ibrahim
Dasuki. In 2011, Brigadier Muraina Raji, the Commander of
the 33 Artillery Brigade, Bauchi, was tried, discharged and
acquitted of all three charges against him by a special
military court at the 3 Armoured Division, Jos, for his
alleged role in the escape of two fearsome Boko
Haram commanders from the military. Barely 12 hours after
his arrest at the Borno State Government Lodge, Asokoro,
Abuja where he was cooling off, Kabiru Abubakar Dikko, alias
Kabiru Sokoto, who master minded the December 25, 2011,
bombing of St. Theresa Catholic Church, Madalla, Niger
State, escaped in handcuffs from ten policemen at Abaji on
January 15, 2012. Though a N50 million bounty was placed on
him by the past Inspector General of Police, Hafiz Ringim
before his re-arrest 26 days later in Mutum-Biu, Gassol LGA,
Taraba State, the public outcry was not enough to stop the
retirement of the Inspector General and six of his top aides.
Assistant Commissioner of Police Zakari Biu and the five
troopers with him who were escorting Sokoto for a search of
his Abaji residence before they were allegedly attacked by
some youths faced the Force Disciplinary Committee for
trial. A highly prize terrorist strategist whose destructive
work at St. Theresa took 44 lives including 26 parishioners,
the department of state security said that “Kabiru was
instrumental to the visit of the late National Leader of the
Boko Haram sect, Mohammed Yusuf to Gagi village in
February 2009, during which he was declared the leader of
the sect in Sokoto State.” On February 7, 2012, the sect
traded tackles with military formations in Kaduna including
the headquarters of 1 Division of the Nigerian Army and the
Air Force Base. The army division’s assistant director of
public relations, Lt. Col. Abubakar Edun credited two suicide
bombers with the 12.18pm explosive confrontation which he
labeled a “failed suicide attack.” The official army release
said that “the two bombers suicide came in two vehicles, a
Sienna Toyota space bus and a Honda Accord. The drivers of
the two vehicles overran the security post and the lawn
leading to the Headquarters Complex. One of the vehicles
{Toyota Sienna space bus} exploded by the car park directly
in front of the headquarters when a soldier opened fire on
the car after the attacker refused to stop which made him
lose control of the vehicle. The second vehicle which did not
explode {Honda Accord} was loaded with 10 numbers of 20
litres of Improvised Explosive Devices, 4 number of 30 litres
containers loaded with IEDs and 2 numbers of large peak
containers also loaded with IEDs.” One bomber died while the
military sustained 17 deaths and many wounded. On
November 29, 2012, a joint police and department of state
security search operation of a 2-bedroom Boko Haram bomb
factory at Kwanar Shahada, Jushin Ciki, Zaria City, Kaduna
State yielded copious weapons of mass destruction.
According to the Assistant Army Public Relations Officer,
1st Division of the Nigeria Army, Kaduna, Col Sami
Usman, “improvised explosive devises, IEDs, in stage one
state of readiness and several IED making components were
also recovered. Other weapons recovered include 17 sensor
mechanical timers, remore control, 11 primed suicide
bomber’s vests, 36 primed IEDs in Bobo cans and one military
kitbag with support items like swa, hammer, cello tapes and
gums. Others are two gallons of paint containing prepared
IEDs, two gallons of Turkey oil brand with prepared IEDs,
seven rolls of wires of various lengths and one bag containing
several sensors as well as 25 {nine volts} batteries.” The
seriousness and frequency of the threat at hand can be
gauged from the fact that “this is the fourth of such
successes in the past three months after the initial one in
same Zaria, Rigassa and in Kaduna main town.” In November
2012, St. Andrew’s Protestant Church at the venerable
Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji, Kaduna was
bombed by the daring Islamic terrorists. The death toll was
put at 18 souls. Following the huge outcry that trailed the
security lapses at the college, the Chief of Defense Staff
Admiral Ola Ibrahim sacked its commandant, Air Vice
Marshall I. A. Kure. The Commander of the Infantry Corp,
Major General M. D. Isah was also relieved of his post.
Militarily, there’s no city like Kaduna in Nigeria. Home to the
One Mechanised Division of the Nigerian Army, the nation’s
first army brigade, Kaduna hosts a plethora of military units
namely: Nigeria Defence Academic, Nigeria Military School,
1 Division headquarters of Nigeria Army, Counter Terrorism
Training Centre, Command and Staff College, Warrant
Officer’s Academy, Nigeria Army Depot, Nigeria Army
School of Military Police, Infantry Corps Centre, Nigeria
Army Peacekeeping Centre, Nigeria Navy Flagship House,
Nigeria Air Force Training Command and Nigeria Air Force
Throughout 2012, hardly a week passed by without report of
bomb blasts in northern Nigeria. Going to church in the north
became a death trap, a double edged sword. Niger State saw
its first bomb blast in March 2012 at the People’s
Democratic Party’s zonal campaign rally in Suleija, its
commercial capital. Another blast happened at the Suleija
offices of the Independent Electoral Commission with loss of
seven persons including serving youth corps members. A
property belonging to former military maximum dictator,
General Ibrahim Babangida was allegedly razed. The Nigerian
press which the conservative northern Muslim establishment
vilifies as “southern, Christian and anti-north” took a direct
hit in 2012 when Thisday and Sun newspapers offices in
Abuja and Kaduna were bombed. The headquarters of the
Nigeria Police, Abuja, the headquarters of the Special Anti-
Robbery Squad, Abuja and various army formations in the
capital city have been bombed and attacked. As no respecter
of the international community, Boko Haram leveled the UN
House, Abuja in 2012 with the loss of many lives. The
resultant diplomatic, trade, political and economic damages
will take Nigeria many years to recover. Ghana’s Kotoko
International Airport is now West Africa’s regional hub for
long-distance flights worldwide. Murtala International
Airport, Lagos, formerly held that honour. In August 2012,
the Tudun Wada, Kaduna residence of Nigeria’s vice
president Namadi Sambo came under gun attacks during
which a cobbler died and two police men sustained injuries.
St Rita’s Catholic Church, Ungwan Yero, Malali, Kaduna State
was bombed on October 28, 2012 as the parish priest was
blessing the sacrament. A Honda CRV SUV rammed into the
church fence at about 8.30 am when the Boko
Haram terrorist was prevented from driving into the church.
Eight worshippers died and over 100 people including the
parish priest, Rev. Father Bonny Baza sustained various
degrees of injuries. But the PRO of the National Emergency
Management Agency NEMA, Yushau Shuaib affirmed that
the figures were inconclusive. Seven deaths were recorded
from reprisal attacks that followed the blasts despite the
appeal of the Archbishop of the Kaduna Catholic Diocese,
Bishop Matthew Man’oso Ndagoso. As the nation’s chief
mourner, President Jonathan through his media spokesman Dr
Reuben Abati put on his sympathy robe and called the
explosions “barbaric, cruel and uncalled for.”Before this
attack, Boko Haram had taken credit for three attacks on
churches in Kaduna. The DPO of a Potiskum police station
died when the Islamic hardliners bombed the Yobe State
capital December 9, 2012. A branch of a prominent
commercial bank was burnt. Three terrorists died in the
attack. These bombings, killings, maiming, destabilization and
destructions have turned the northern part of Nigeria into
mini Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Leaked comments
from state security operatives indicate that some prominent
personalities it arrested for being linked with the extremists
were ordered to be released by the federal government. The
extremists even managed to fool the United States
government despite its openly avowed intention to establish
the strictest form of Islamic theocracy. FOR ITS WIDE
THE YEAR 2012.
President Jonathan’s admission that Boko Haram has
infiltrated every level of government, the civil service, the
armed forces and the general populace attests that the
Jihadist extremists are now the masters and movers of
officialdom. The masked killers are the new kids on the
block! The beleaguered president was specific that “some of
them are the executive arm of government, some of them are
in the parliamentary/legislative arm of government while
some of them are even in the judiciary. Some are also in the
armed forces, the police and security agencies. Some
continue to dip their hands and eat with you and you won’t
even know the person who will point a gun at you or plant a
bomb behind your house.” The stars and fortunes of an
organization that he and some senior government officials
had termed “faceless” never rose brighter. This presidential
recognition of the ubiquity of Boko Haram officially stamped
their ascendancy to power! One of Nigeria’s most notable
constitutional scholars, Professor Itse Sagay wants
President Jonathan’s morbid government to enlist foreign
intervention because it cannot defeat the Jihadists. At the
height of Boko Haram’s military efficiency, a terrified
federal government was consequently reduced to a mantra
of “please come out publicly for us to dialogue” since its
interventionist security and military measures couldn’t put
the sect out of operation. On January 28, 2012,
the Guardian of London reported the threat of Boko
Haram’s energetic spokesman, Abu Qaqa: “We will consider
negotiations only when we have brought the government
to its knees. Once we see that things are being done
according to the dictates of Allah, and our members are
released [from prison}, we will only put aside our arms –
but we will not lay them down. You don’t put down your
arms in Islam, you only put them aside.” Explaining that
Sharia rule is their ultimate aim, Qaqa affirmed
again: “There are no exceptions. Even if you are a Muslim
and you don’t abide by Sharia, we will kill you. Even if
you are my own father, we will kill you.” During a two-day
visit to Makurdi, Benue State on March 9, 2012, Jonathan
begged the fundamentalists to lay down their lethal arms. At
the same time, some presidential staff at various fora
delighted in engaging in dubious double deception of
simultaneously sanctioning and disparaging dialogue. At a
seminar dinner of the Alumni Association of the Nigerian
Defence College, the Chief of Army Staff Lt. General
Azubuike Ihejirika poured cold water on negotiations. “Those
who try to justify acts of terrorism inadvertently
support terrorists. And some do so only to discover later
that terrorism is not a matter to be negotiated and
won.” One of Nigeria’s greatest constitutional scholars,
Professor Itse Sagay wants foreign intervention because “It
is obvious that the government is incompetent to tackle
the Boko Haram because it does not have the knowledge,
experience, expertise, equipment and technology to work
with. The US, on the hand, has all these and is a better
organized system.” An analyst at the Combating Terrorism
Center at the US Military Academy, West Point, Jacob Zenn
in a publication on October 2011, predicted that “the
insurgency is likely to become more diverse and complex
over time, which will limit the efficacy of
negotiations.” However, press reports emerged early
December 2012 that the federal government and Boko
Haram had began tentative talks in Senegal. The Minister of
Niger Delta and a member of President Jonathan’s inner
circle, Mr. Godsay Orubebe led the federal government
delegation while the extremists were represented by some of
its senior commanders. The governments of Senegal and Mali
facilitated the talks. Dr Junaid Mohammed, a Boko
Haram sympathizer, scourge of the Jonathan presidency,
trenchant hater of southern Nigeria and Convener of
Coalition of Northern Politicians, Academics, Professionals
and Businessmen confirmed it. According to the noted
northern irredentist, “yes, it is true. The minister travelled
to Senegal where on prior arrangement with Senegalese and
Malian security services, met some of Boko Haram
leaders.” Rafiu Balogun, the leader of the Nigeria Bar
Association, Ilorin rejoiced that “it is a good development
because our government has demonstrated lack of capacity
or will to deal with the issue of Boko Haram. Day in day out,
the Boko Haram is becoming daring and the best thing to do
in the circumstance is to dialogue with them at least to abate
the carnage and wanton destruction of properties.” Ex-
military president, General Ibrahim Babangida told
the BBC Hausa service that “Nigeria and its various ethnic
and religious groups cannot afford a second civil war. The
continued threats of the sect on the cities and towns of
the North and the loss of lives and property could only
be prevented through dialogue and the federal
government’s adoption of the carrot-and-stick
approach.” The Islamists age long terms for a ceasefire
remains the release of their terrorists in Nigerian jails,
rebuilding of their houses and mosques destroyed in battles
with Nigerian armed and security forces and compensation
for their losses in these battles. The nihilists were
unconcerned, unrepentant and silent on the repair and
rebuilding of the businesses, homes, schools, churches,
government and other Christian/Southern assets they
bombed and burnt across Northern Nigeria! The proud
inhuman killers had no word about compensation for the
families of the people they murdered. They were cold
heartedly unmindful of the huge economic, emotional and
psychological losses suffered by Nigerians now displaced at
home and overseas. The government was clearly terrified of
the group’s threat to bomb Sokoto, the Caliphate Empire’s
headquarters and home of the chief northern elemental
principality, His Eminence Sultan Abubakar. In the words of
the Minister of Information Mr. Labaran Maku, “Sokoto is
the spiritual headquarters of all Muslims in Nigeria. The
Sultan is officially recognized as the leader of Muslims in
Nigeria. He is the prime leader and authority. So, if for
example you threaten to attack Sokoto, what is the
benefit?” To all intents and purposes military and
propaganda, the federal government is yet to cross the
Rubicon in its engagement with Boko HARAM. FOR
PROLOGUE: In year 2013, I have no hope that the fires
of Boko Haram will be put out easily by the federal
government and its security agencies and armed forces.
Since November 23, 2012, when the JTF paraded various
cash rewards online for information that will bring about the
capture of senior Boko Haram commanders especially
members of the “Shurra Committee,” nothing has come forth
from the public. For the bearded, dangerous Islamists in the
sect’s highest decision making council, the beat goes on! I
expect an inept federal government to grow in imbecility and
incompetence before it gets its act together, if ever!
Napoleon Bonaparte, a renowned military grandmaster
reasoned that “in politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”On
January 8, 2011, the Israeli ambassador to Nigeria Mr Moshe
Ram observed that “Nigeria is really at a crossroads. The
way Nigeria and {people} everywhere should handle it
with an iron fist. Not to permit terror to dictate the
way the people live.” His offer of Israeli security expertise
has met with loud silence from Aso Rock: “We know what it
is to be exposed to terror. And we know we have the
capability, we have the knowledge and we are willing to
share knowledge and our abilities with our good friends in
Nigeria.” In December 2012, the Inspector General of Police
Mohammed Dikko Abubakar and the National Assembly
publicly disagreed over why the terrorists are not
prosecuted in our law courts. While the IG blamed enabling
laws, the lawmakers faulted his ignorance of existing laws
that it said are more than adequate for prosecution. Ex-
Inspector General of Police Mike Okiro in December 2012
worried that the murderous Islamists are ahead of the
security agencies in terms of technology, equipment and
sophistication. He advised that “security agencies should be
ahead of them, not behind them, to succeed. Once this
is not done, we will just be beating about the bush.” Okiro
also sighted “flaws” in the Anti-terrorism Act that President
Jonathan signed into law in 2011. The ex-IG fumed that“the
law did not make provision for centrality of authority. It
did not clearly state areas the National Security Adviser
{NSA} should take action or areas the police and other
security agencies should take action.” On December 6,
2012, former head of state General Abdusalami Abubakar
spoke at the Arewa House Conference on ‘The North and
Strategies for Sustainable Development.’ While urging
northern leaders to join the federal government to combat
the Islamist insurgency, he posited that “every Nigerian is a
security officer.” General Abubakar lamented that the
north needs about twenty years to be made whole from the
affliction caused by the destructive Jihadists. Economic
realities may force northern elemental powers to align with
their Arabic/Islamic interests abroad and withdraw total
support for the Islamists. Though the International Criminal
Court {ICC} affirmed that it has a “reasonable basis” to
hold Boko Haram responsible for crimes against humanity,
the Jihadist rebellion that have claimed the lives of over
2,800 people surges on. President Jonathan’s government is
further being hampered by the biased mindset of the
American Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Affairs,
Johnnie Carson. On April 28, 2011, Carson realised
that “Nigeria’s Muslim population is larger than any Arab
state.” A buffoon par excellence, Carson on April 9, 2012,
alternately credited Nigeria with being “the second largest
Muslim country in Africa after Egypt.” Did Egypt’s Muslim
population overtake Nigeria’s between April 28, 2011 and
April 9, 2012? Or has Egypt ceased to be an Arab state? The
confused US diplomat also told a US Congressional sub-
committee on July 10, 2012, that in a few years time, Nigeria
will steam ahead of Egypt as the largest “Muslim
state.” While the statement Carson was to officially read
has it that Nigeria has “the sixth largest Muslim population
in the world and Nigeria is the world’s largest country to
have approximately equal number of Christians and
Muslims,” the idiotic Carson persists in calling Nigeria a
“Muslim state.” One time British Prime Minister Winston
Churchill noted that “the religion of Islam above all others
was founded upon the sword. Moreover, it provides
incentives to slaughter, and in three continents has
produced fighting breeds of men filled with a wild and
merciless fanaticism.” Churchill stopped short of telling his
audience that over 109 verses in the Koran, Islam’s holy book
imposes on Muslims the duty to fight, subjugate, kill and
crucify Jews and Christians. It also permits Muslims to
invalidate treaties made with them. Peaceful proselytizing
has not been the trade of Islam, but force of arms. The
founder of Islam, Prophet Mohammed said at the beginning
of his movement: “There is no compulsion in religion.” But
later, he personally led men in battle with the objective of
spreading the faith he founded. Churchill lived and died
before the following Islamic terrorist acts: September 11,
2001 when al-Qaeda terrorists bombed America with the
cost of about 3,000 lives, before Dutch centre-right
politician Pim Fortuyn was murdered by van der Graaf on May
6, 2002, before the Madrid train bombings of March 11,
2004, before the July 5, 2005, London Underground train
bombings that took 37 lives and before Dutch film director,
producer, columnist and author Theo van Gogh was
assassinated on November 2, 2004 by Mohammed Bouyeri, a
Dutch-Moroccan Muslim radical. My best conjecture is that
there will be implosion within the deadly Islamic sect if
northern elemental titans angry at the economic, commercial,
developmental and educational backwardness of the region,
withdraws their support. For personal and regional reasons,
these power and wealth brokers can’t keep quiet much longer.
The longer Boko Haram persists in its war of decimation for
everything they hold dear and sacred, the more perilous their
position and feudal privileges will be. The realization that the
south is no longer ready to play second fiddle to the north is
a painful pill that they are forced to swallow. Additionally
and more suicidal, Boko Haram’s variant of Islam is to
replace the existing Hausa Fulani aristocracy laden with
rotten, royal privileges. The murderous followers of
Mohammed Yusuf have no intention to cuddle and coo them.
In 2013, I expect Boko Haram to brainwash more men in their
military camps with promises of virginal concupiscence and
exhilarating wines. To ensure maximum damage, they may
graduate to bombing beauty pageants, matriculations and
convocation ceremonies, hijacking planes or destroying
athletes in any national games foolishly held in the North.
Aside from churches which are their perennial and eternal
targets, they have attacked luxury buses, markets, mosques,
schools and burnt cattle! As defined by them, “infidels” in
the North may not likely know peace in 2013. Someday, there
will be a denial of the destructive binges of Boko Haram.
Right now, though the Islamic extremists have repeatedly
proclaimed the enthronement of Sharia law to be their sole
aim and objective, their northern apologists blindly blames
poverty and governance malfeasance for their rebellion.
Muslims in Britain became “offended” in 2008 that the
Holocaust still remained in school curriculum and waged
media and emotional blackmail to have it expunged, lying
brazenly that Hitler’s murder of six million Jews never
occurred! Officially, the Islamic Republic of Iran tells all
and sundry that the Holocaust is a “myth.”Therefore, I
expect Northern elemental powers many years from now to
be aghast at the “southern dominated Christian media”if the
crimes and genocide of Boko Haram, Nigeria’s horrific
Jihadist movement are mentioned. Col Umar foresaw
greaterBoko Haram challenge in the decades to come.
According to him, “there are many issues that the Boko
Haram insurgency has thrown up which cannot be easily
addressed; some have no solution at all.” With the sad
memory of the Madalla bombings of December 25, 2011 in
mind, Christian places of worship in particular and the nation
in general were placed under 24-hour security watch on
Sunday December 23, 2012 by the Inspector General of
Police, Mohammed Abubakar as the yuletide loomed near. But
that did not stop 12 worshippers from being killed by Islamic
terrorists at Church of Christ in Nations at a village near
Potiskum, the Yobe State capital and First Baptist Church,
Maiduguri, Borno State on December 24, 2012. On December
28, 2012, suspected Boko Haram militants attacked Musari
village on the outskirts of Maiduguri, Borno State capital
and slit the throats of 15 residents while chanting the
Jihadist death anthem: “God is great!” A similar barbarity
same day in Maiha, Adamawa State took six lives. When
Nigeria’s First Family worshipped at Cathedral Church of the
Advent, Life Camp, Gwarimpa, Abuja on Christmas Day
December 25, 2012, the Primate, Metropolitan and Head of
the Anglican Communion All Nigeria, Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh
urged President Goodluck Jonathan to firmly solve the
challenge of Boko Haram in 2013. At a church service in
Ekklisiya Yan Uwa A Nigeria (EYN) yesterday in Abuja,
President Jonathan said: “Let me assure you that
government is working hard, and we will continue to work
very hard. We are suppressing the insurgency. For
instance, before Christmas, we were told that the whole
of Abuja will be burnt down, including Maiduguri, among
others. Though we had some incidents in some parts, but
they were minimized.” Folks, let’s pray and hope that his
assurance is worth the paper it]s printed on.
Our first runner up in the PERSON OF THE YEAR
2012 contest are kidnappers who added cruel innovation,
commercialized criminality, acidic style and petrifying
panache to their horrendous deeds in 2012. Delta State
became the womb of kidnapping this year. Law abiding
indigenes of Anioma area of Delta State discovered to their
horror that vile hoodlums with unlimited anointing from hell
have been commissioned by Satan to especially torture
grandparents. It is now a great danger to be a parent of an
elected/appointed official or a wealthy businessman in Delta
State. Chief {Mrs} Kachikwu, the mother of Dumebi
Kachikwu, a wealthy businessman and former son in-law of
ex-aviation and transport minister in President Obasanjo’s
government, Dr [Mrs} Kema Chikwe was kidnapped. The
father of Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, ex-commissioner and
secretary to Delta State government was put out of
seclusion for some days. The same wicked fate befell Chief
{Mrs} Sussana Elumelu, the mother of the Buffet Warren of
Africa and the immediate Group Managing Director of the
United Bank for Africa Plc {UBA Plc}, Tony Elumelu. The
madness reached its zenith when Kamene Okonjo, the mother
of Dr {Mrs} Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the Minister of Finance
and Co-coordinating Minister of the Economy was stashed
away by kidnappers on December 16, 2012. The 82 year-old
retired professor of Sociology, Queen Mother of Ogwashi
Ukwu kingdom and the mother of “the mother of the
economy” did not see sunlight for five days before a joint
military and police force freed her from hell. Her case
reverberated worldwide, earning Nigeria much bad press.
Nollywood, Nigeria’s movie industry now has a new script
after the kidnap saga of three pearls of the scented
movement: Pete “Ebubedike” Edochie, a veteran venerable
grandfather; Osuofia, an iconoclastic super performer and
Nkiru Sylvanus, a controversial, politically powered scenic
Historian, freelance journalist and writer, JOSEPH
OF TROUBLED THOUGHTS, a critically acclaimed
discourse on homosexuality published by Author House in

By Emeka Anumbor

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