Lance Armstrong set for Oprah Winfrey interview

Armstrong ended his fight against
doping charges last August but
maintained his innocence

US cyclist Lance
Armstrong will be
interviewed by chat
show host Oprah
Winfrey, amid reports
that he might publicly
admit to doping.
Armstrong was stripped
of his seven Tour de
France titles by the
sport’s governing body,
following a report by the
US Anti-Doping Agency
Winfrey’s OWN network said the 90-minute interview
would address “years of accusations of cheating”.
Armstrong has maintained his innocence as he received a life
ban from Usada.
But the New York Times reported on Friday that the 41-
year-old was considering a public admission that he used
banned performance-enhancing drugs. An admission could lead
to an apparent bid to return to competing in marathons and
triathlons, the paper reported.
The interview announcement was first made on Oprah
Winfrey’s Twitter account on Tuesday, and confirmed when
Armstrong retweeted it 15 minutes later.
The interview – his first since being stripped of his wins – will
be broadcast on 17 January on Winfrey’s OWN network and
live-streamed online.

2004 donation offer?
Armstrong ended his fight against doping charges in August
2012. In October, Usada released a 1,000-page report saying
he had been at the heart of “the most sophisticated,
professionalised and successful doping programme” ever seen
in sport.
He was stripped of his titles by the International Cycling
Union (UCI) shortly afterwards and given a lifetime ban from
the sport.
Armstrong also resigned as chairman of the Livestrong
foundation – the cancer charity he created – after the cycling
body’s decision.
His lawyer, Tim Herman, has described the Usada report as a
“one-sided hatchet job” and the cyclist himself has accused
the agency of offering “corrupt inducements” to other riders
to speak out against him.
It is believed he is considering an admission because he wants
to resume his athletic career, and has shown an interest in
competing in triathlons.
Asked whether the 41-year-old was set to come clean, Mr
Herman told the New York Times: “Lance has to speak for
himself on that”.
Separately, the head of Usada told a US investigative
programme that Armstrong offered the agency a donation of
some $250,000 in 2004, reports said.
Speaking to 60 Minutes Sport, to be broadcast in the US on
Wednesday, Travis Tygart said the offer was a “clear conflict
of interest” and quickly rejected

Source: BBC

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