Rebranding still the solution to Most of Nigeria’sProblems – Dora Akunyili



Professor Dora Akunyili,
former Minister of
Information, has insisted
that poor perception of
Nigeria and its people by
both Nigerians and
foreigners is one of the
greatest challenges facing
the country at the moment.
Professor Akunyili was
speaking at a colloquium, organised to mark the golden
jubilee anniversary of the Chief Executive Officer of CMC
Connect, Mr Yomi Badejo Okusanya, in Lagos, on Tuesday.
She argued that, but for the negative light the country is
always portrayed, it would have recorded profound success
in its bid to become an economic power.
Her words: “Sadly, the country is not as bad as these people
would want to paint it. For instance, there are countries
where some of these vices attributed to Nigeria, are
committed more frequently than what obtains here, yet all
these are not given the prominence such would have enjoyed
in Nigeria… My bag was stolen at Charles De Gaule Airport in
France as a minister, in broad daylight and there was no
mention of the incident in the papers the following day. Such
an incident would have graced the front pages of the
newspapers if it had happened here.
‘The way we are being talked about is affecting our economy.
No right thinking investor either foreign or local would want
to invest in this economy, and that is why we continue to have
the rate of unemployment as we presently have.
Unfortunately, where there is unemployment, there will
always be crime,” she stated



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