Shocker: Police Killed My Aide – Oshiomhole

Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, the
executive governor of Edo state,
has laid the blame for the
assassination of his Special Adviser
and Personal Secreatry, Mr. Olaitan
Oyerinde, squarely at the doorstep
of the Nigeria Police.Oshiomhole
made this allegation on Thursday in
Abuja while speaking at the
launching of the new code of
conduct for the Nigerian police. The
petite governor supported his
allegation with the explanation that
both the assassin and the weapon
used to murder the late Oyerinde
were in police custody as at the time
the heinpus crime was committed.
He said, “The man, who was involved in the murder according
to the record of the police including the entry made by a
DPO (Divisional Police Officer) in a police station, was
already under police detention at the time my private
secretary was murdered.
“The weapon that was used for the murder was used for
armed robbery earlier, recovered by the police and under
police custody at the time my secretary was murdered.
“So, the man who murdered my secretary was in police
custody; the gun he used was in police custody and this is the
findings of the police. The only conclusion that can be
reached is that the police ordered the killing of my private
The former aide to the comrade governor, who was shot and
killed in front of his wife and children at his residence in
Benin City by suspected assassins, was close to Mr Oshiomole
during his days as a labour leader. And it was not
unsurprising that the governor was almost overwhelmed with
emotions as he called for the investigation of the Deputy
Inspector General of police in charge of criminal
investigation and possible dismissal if he is found culpable in
the death of late Oyerinde.


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