Dream Bubbles

Dream Bubbles

Eleanor Roosevelt said ‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’ I agree to that quote.
I mean I always had fancy dreams of having the best electronics manufacturing company. I studied Engineering and Electrical Electronics is my field.
Everybody dreams of a bright future, a future as bright as a star. Where the sky will be your limit, not even your limit these days but your starting point.
But without work nothing good comes. We have to study hard in school and get good grades and hope for good jobs in the future. After a busy sunday, I lay down to rest after scrambling to read a few pages of my text book, the almighty ‘Theraja’
I was done with school now and had finished my NYSC programme the previous year. The labour market wasn’t a joke, somewhere along, during job interviews I could remember my seniors in school that were also still searching for jobs. I said to my self ‘my case is different’.
Still jobless after various interviews, the frustration started to set in, I could see friends, my former course mates getting jobs here and there, some of them still struggling like me for something to at least feed with, living with my parents at this time in my life wasn’t an option.
I was alone in a rented two room apartment which I had gone through hell to get the money to pay.
I remembered I had a blog back then in college. I accessed it, the password not expired yet, then memories came back of how we used to surf the web then in school. An idea came to me why not advertise myself on my blog on the ‘ad’ column? No, I thought, it was a stupid idea, I mean people don’t advertise themselves on blogs! I had never heard of it before. Then again another thought came ‘there is a first time for everything’ I still had a blackberry device so I sat in an alcove in the room and I made the advert hyping myself a little bit to look attractive in terms of my capabilities and skills gained over the years.

Days past nothing happened, the wind of unemployment blew me like the early morning breeze.
Finally, I got a notification to come for an interview in a firm, I was delighted, I had to get prepared in every way I could.
Interview day, I dressed corporately, memorized all there was to memorize from books and other sources.
The interview went well, I was called back, and I finally got a job.
I couldn’t describe my joy, I was happy like a monkey who had been given a banana, jumping around after the call that I have gotten the job, should I call my mum first? No, my dad, it will make him proud, so I did, he didnt quite receive the news with much joy as my mum did.

I started work and worked for several months, the pay was good. Things were getting better. I realized friends started coming back after I got a job, fake friends I tagged them. I moved into a 3 bed room flat, and bought better furniture, I was living the life so to say. Marriage was next they said. That was soon to come no doubt.

It was christmas that year and I visited home as I do annually. The welcome reception was warm, I was received with much joy and love as the christmas spirit should carry. I was home, home finally, where it all started, where I schooled from, I was proud that I have made my family happy and myself too.

That christmas was the best since I finished college some years back. Relatives came by and talked about my new job, I was the topic of everyone’s lips.
‘How did I come this far’ I asked myself. Despite my second class upper degree I had in school, getting a job was pretty tasky. ‘Was I saved by the blog’? I pondered in my heart. My perseverance must have paid off in one way or the other I told myself. I was grateful and I said a short prayer.
I was looking in my room, then I saw a picture that I took in college, then, suddenly …….. I got a tap on my back from my mum. ‘Wake up she said’ its monday morning ….
I had been dreaming again, WTF (Where’s the fufu) …looked at my phone and saw several missed calls and pings from friends saying we had a 7am class which I totally forgot about. I quickly hurried to take my bath and on my way to school I realized I had missed breakfast again…… The STRUGLE CONTINUES

Written by ‘Fara’


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