Its about to begin, the story of a thousand
generations passed, the philosophy and
psychology surrounding the existence of a
blessed and stagnated territory.

It all started decades ago or so history taught me, that the northern and southern protectorates where
amalgamated by LORD LUGARD, a foreigner of
british extraction and the great name Nigeria
delivered by Flora Shore. 52 years hence, we are
being addressed as a sovereign, mighty, and all
powerful black nation.
The big question keeps lingering, what is the
true purpose of independence? Where does the
true strength of a “strong” nation lie? While we
await answers from within, the sick body must
be tested and the necessary diagnosis made.

Its been 52 years of a forced marriage between
the rich wife of the south to the poor
authoritative husband of the north and a family
tied with ropes of sand is failing and falling
apart. Advocates of growth will maintain that
this falsely united entity called Nigeria is still on
the mend and will soon be a giant. But then, if
we have become independent from colonial rule,
who then are we slaves to? On which altar was
this conjugal pain celebrated? Fifty two years, we are still exhibiting the trappings of a
sick nation.

Some say Rome wasn’t built in a day, and others
say a journey of a thousand miles begins with
just a step. I quite agree to this fact, but then,
are we making the biblical journey of Abraham
to an unknown destination which our blind
leaders are going to show us? Can a marriage
contracted on falsehood give rise to good off springs? The sure answer is NO. Progress in the
real sense of it will always be far when every
region thinks of political dominance, overall
national influence, over activity of dominant
regions etc.
I dare to stand on an unbiased platform to say
that every region has long adapted violence as
a necessary tool of this organizing the organized
leadership of the protagonist sector. Now the
issue unveiled and questions abound.

Has the entity called nigeria ever been one?
Was it a marriage between people of common
goals and interests? Was it a homosexual or a
bisexual marriage? Is divorce too late or still
possible? While we await answers, more and
more questions flow from within; is there a
hospital well specialized as to diagnosing our
ailment? Is there any doctor bold enough to
carry out the necessary surgical operations? Or
are there nurses trust worthy as to poisoning and
re-infecting the recuperating patient? Not until
these questions are sufficiently answered this
selfish marriage is headed for the rocks.

Gradually over time the gas tank of
corruption has been firmly built. Who is ready to
throw a match stick into the gas tank of
corruption? Are the hands of this person also
rubbed with the gas such that the explosion
consumes him too? Is the explosion going to
bring about a new generation? Is there still
wisdom in any head old enough to proffer
My loyalties I still pledge to my nation
despite my dishonest leaders.

God Bless Nigeria

Written by ‘The Prince’

Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.


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