Am I a good conversationalist?

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you’re just like ‘can this meet be over already?’ or you just want to end a non-existent conversation? well,I have!

Most times, we come off thinking we are the cause,we don’t know how to keep a conversation going. But that’s not actually true, the thing is everyone to a certain degree is a good conversationalist, an akward conversation may arise from the fact that you don’t know how to open a conversation,the topic of discussion aint of interest to you both,or either of you isn’t in the mood.

If you’ve been experiencing this, it’s no wonder you blame yourself for it and sometimes the partner because, is easier to do so. I’ve met my fair share of people who claim to not being good at conversations but when we get to talk,the parrot in them springs up!you may ask, what then do you do?

Firstly, find out what interests you both have in common or disagree on,you can start from there.
Build a topic,be sincere, neutral and forthcoming in your conversation, it helps the other person relax and flow with you.
Be sensitive to the person’s must not converse everyday no matter how interesting the person is, in that situation just check in and holla when there’s a better mood.
Also,letting someone know that you can be trusted not to be a rattler gives an added advantage.

So honey, if you are a basket mouth,its time to switch with them buckets and you will be the person everyone enjoys talking with!

Written by ‘frostyfrend’
Twitter: @frostyfrend

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