Blue Ivy Gets N12.5m Diamond Encrusted Barbie For HerFirst Birthday

True to Jay-Z’s words
earlier this year while
talking to Oprah
Winfrey on her show
that “At the end of
the day, I just know
I’ll probably have the
worst, most spoiled
little kid ever,” Blue
Ivy has been given a
special diamond-
encrusted Barbie doll
that cost $80,000 for
her first birthday.
And that’s not all.
According to reports, Beyoncé and Jay-Z spent about
$200,000 for their daughter’s birthday party who clocked
one on Monday, January 7. According to a report by
RadarOnline, another $95,000 was spent on pink and white
roses for the princess-themed party, with the cake costing
around $2,000 while toys and gifts for the guests were said
to cost around $30,000.
Jay-Z and Bey are reputed to be heavy spenders and so this
is not surprising as it was reported that the rapper spent
$600,000 on a solid-gold, handmade horse from Japanese
jeweler Ginza Tanaka, for Blue Ivy, while the celebrity couple
allegedly spent $1.5 million on gifts for their daughter when
she was first born. That is what you get when you have one of
the wealthiest parents in entertainment who spend without
checking the price tag!

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