Lagos Prostitutes Celebrate Matron At 70

Even though prostitution, the oldest profession in the
world is an open sore in the urban areas, especially in
the commercial city of Lagos state where the business
booms, there are yet many shocking happenings in the
name of s*x-for-money.
It was all glitz, fun and razzmatazz over the weekend at
Ejigbo, a densely populated area of Lagos as commercial s*x
workers, otherwise known as prostitutes gathered to
celebrate one of the top members of the bed-to-wealth
business who turned 70.
The well-attended event reunited both retired and active
members of the Association of Nigerian Prostitutes (ANP)
who came to shower praises on the septuagenarian who they
described as their ‘Matron’
Over 60 prostitutes converged at a popular brothel in Ejigbo,
a shanty house built with wooden shacks, which
accommodates over 15 stakeholders in the ‘dirty’ business.
Madam Juliet (surname withheld) who turned 70 got a
surprise birthday bash from members of ANP for her
distinguish role. She described it as her best gift ever.
According to the septuagenarian who once acted as the
Treasurer of Lagos South chapter of ANP, life has been
boring since she retired from active prostitution.
“I can say that I am the happiest person on earth today
because I never knew some persons still love me like this. I
came into this business at the age of 21 and now I am 70. I
am so happy because people are celebrating me not because I
embezzled government fund or killed anybody. I’m being
celebrated because I made some people to understand that
you can make it even if you are not a politician”
Everybody must not work in Aso Rock or NNPC, so I find joy
in whatever I do, now you have heard all the testimonies. I
thank God for everything. I know some people are out there
condemning this profession but the gospel truth is that, they
are the worst pretenders.
Asked how she ended up as a prostitutes, Zion Gate, as
people would call her because of her gap teeth, frowned at
this reporter, “We are not prostitutes, we are relievers. If
you want to see prostitutes, go to Ikoyi or Island at night
you will see them. So mind your utterance young man.
When prodded further, on what pushed her into the s*x-for-
money trade, she said angrily: “I think you are a journalist
and you are happy writing, right? Asking me why I ‘relieve’
people is just like me asking you why you eat food.”
Asked if she still service people even at 70, she said:
“Seriously, like they say, old wine tastes good, some of my
old customers still call me for servicing, but I made them to
understand that old age has finally caught up with me that I
need to rest now.”
She disclosed that her memorable day was the day she
tricked a pastor’s wife into prostitution. According to Zion:
“Then I was squatting with my aunty at Ikotun and the
pastor’s wife happened to be my friend, she often complain
that her husband doesn’t have her time because of ministerial
work. I tricked her into the business and she abandoned her
husband, the saddest thing was that she died 8 months later,
while on her way to Imo to service one of the top government
officials,” she recalled with nostalgia.
Recounting further, Zion told this reporter that before she
clocks 100, she hoped to have trained over a thousand girls
on how to make money without the government.
One of the ringleaders in a chat with DailyPost extolled Zion
for her excellent role. According to her, the celebrant did
not only bring her into the business, but got her established .
“I’m happy to know her,” she said.
She was presented with a gas cooker and a TV set.


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