“Tonto Dikeh Is Smarter Than All Of You” – AyomideTayo

Ayomide Tayo – founder and chief blogger of Pop Off
Central (a Nigerian pop-culture website)

The day I saw the reactions to Tonto Dikeh’s first singles
which she released last year, I was a sad man. I mean, the
songs were horrible. I listen to horrible songs all day, so
Tonto’s lack of talent didn’t move me. It was the reaction of
people that made me sad. For a whole day, productive people
took time out to diss, laugh, criticize and mock Nigeria’s
most controversial actress. That therein was the greatest
mistake ever made. By making her trend worldwide, you lot
gave an irrelevant individual so much free promo that she has
the unbelievable record of having the most downloads for a
Nigerian artiste (yikes you people even made her an artiste!).
This here lies my problem with the uber-cool Twitter crowd
and in general the online music community. Y’all give too much
attention to artistes who don’t have the talent and artistry.
Oh yeah sure, they can ‘famz’ the likes of Bez, Asa, Praiz and
gush about how they are on the same wavelength with their
favourite rock band in Europe or an indie singer in America.
What they will not do is give the same attention they would
to a Tonto Dikeh or Shina Rambo when these talented singers
release new singles and albums. Think I am lying? When has
Bez, Praiz or Asa trended worldwide? Don’t they have the
talent and creativity to trend even in Africa? Sadly when the
untalented come out with their works, it’s free promo and
hype galore, something they will never do for more deserving
Some of you might say that the attention poured on these
acts are negative. Yeah true, the tweets, vile comments,
pictures and posts aren’t positive. However let me give you a
newsflash. In today’s world, publicity is publicity, whether
negative positive or even neutral. Tonto Dikeh is now as
popular as a Tiwa Savage musically not because of her wack
songs but because you people made her relevant with the
unnecessary attention you put on her. Same thing with Sina
Rambo. This obviously untalented rapper trended for two
days with the #SinaRamboBars. It was funny then but who
doesn’t know Sina Rambo now? Obviously there are more
talented rappers in the game but you all decided to give all
the attention and hype to Sina Rambo. By mocking these acts
you are making them relevant. And this is the dangerous part;
all they need is a stroke of luck to get that hit and GBAM! all
the negative energy will switch into glowing comments and
before you know it we have a star on our hands.
With the millions of negative comments about her, Tonto
Dikeh has stepped into the realm of relevancy. Artistes have
started referencing her in songs. With Olamide’s new
freestyle named after her, the hate (love) is far from over.
For those laughing at Tonto Dikeh, be wise she is playing you.
She will keep doing things and dropping songs that will make
you talk about her. Then when she has the attention of you so
called ‘better people’ she will drop a song that will be worthy
enough to call ‘good’. Then what are you going to do next?
You’ve already released the cat from the bag, she’s your
monster deal with it. The song with Terry G ‘Crazically Fit’
was a close call. Her next song might hit the spot and when it
does, a lot of talented female singers will struggle to get
shows. Mark my words.
You can point accusing fingers at bloggers for putting up her
stuff. It’s cool, we do. Let me tell you a secret, bloggers will
put up any material that will guarantee them traffic. Before
Tonto dropped her songs, the hype was epic from the Twitter
crowd. A sharp blogger won’t pass on the opportunity to put
the songs up. Predictably traffic was high thanks to you lot
who did Tonto’s work for her. It’s not easy being a blogger,
we all need traffic. We want to hammer like our Aunty Linda
and when you bring a wack artiste from obscurity into the
realm of relevancy we will put it up. Traffic is what we sell,
don’t get it twisted. Guess what? When her video drops, we
will be here to post ‘cos you won’t stop ranting and raving
about it.
You might be reading this and feeling angry or upset. It’s
your ego fxcking with you. The truth is a bitter pill to
swallow. Next time when an artiste in the mold of a Tonto
Dikeh and Sina Rambo come out the best thing to do is ignore.
That is just the simple solution. If you ignore them, they
won’t exist. When nobody talks about them, they become
irrelevant. Ashamed of their lack of talent and buzz, they
will crawl back into their caves never to disturb our ears
anymore. As simple as it is, it is hard for some of you to do
just that. You must rant and rave so you can be noticed. The
sad part is the person you are ranting and raving about will
be noticed too. Who is the mumu at the end of the day?
The paranoia of the Illuminati is at an all-time high in the
Nigerian online community.
It’s too late we can’t put Tonto Dikeh back in the box. She is
already making plans to put Illuminati signs in her video.
OMG! The Nigerian Twitter community loves the Illuminati,
they know who is a member, VIP, VVIP and elder. If her plan
to bring out these ‘symbols’ of triangles and flashing images
(LOL!) comes out, her video will be a hit. It will be a hit not
thanks to her PR people, it will be a hit thanks to you people
who will undoubtedly tweet about it. Tonto Dikeh knows the
mumu b*tton of the nouveau-posh on Twitter and she is
rubbing it well. She is the pimp and you all are her tricks.
Allow me to paraphrase the words of an act who got more
attention than his talent deserved – “Tonto Dikeh is smarter
than all of you

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