Watch the things you say – Edo State Governor WarnsNigerian Politicians and Elders

Edo State governor, Adams
Oshiomhole, has warned
politicians against unguided
statements capable of
undermining the unity and
integrity of the country.
Governor Oshiomhole also
commended officers and men of the Nigerian armed forces
for fostering the bonds of unity, asserting that the Army
remains the only institution that unites the nation.
The Edo State governor made the remarks during the
launching of the emblem appeal fund to mark the 2013 Armed
Forces Remembrance Day celebration in Benin City. He said
the men in uniform should be appreciated for their
contribution to the indivisibility of the nation.
According to him, “The Armed Forces are doing their best to
keep Nigeria one while politicians and even elders who should
play up what unite us talk of things that could destroy the
bridge of unity. But the men in uniform have continued to
defend the indivisibility of Nigeria,” he noted.
He continues: “if Nigeria has remained one united country it
is because men in uniform stood on the side of the Nigeria
nation. We must continue to appreciate the Armed Forces in
the effort to keep Nigeria one.”

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