How lazy is the World now?

I’m sitting on a couch and typing this from my phone while my laptop is just few inches away and I cant stand up to get it. I am not lazy right?

It is TRUE to say the world is virtually lazy…people have grown weak for the hunger to work for success, countries rely on the so called Oil money while their agricultural sector dies, students don’t study anymore thanks to google and who ever invented copy-paste.

In the 70’s 80’s and even 90’s people came up with ideas, concepts to make the world a better place, the internet was created in the earlier generation.
This days no one wants to know its origin but spend countless hours facebooking and tweeting, I enjoy social networks no doubt, but when it elopes more of your youthful energy then the negative effects start creeping in. Students this days virtually don’t read ‘Thank God for google’ is the new slogan , where they can search anything and cheat with it in exams, while our text books and reference materials remain dusty. They later put the blame on the teachers ‘He failed me’ any excuse for not studying? You had better things to do, Let me guess, like surfing the web right?
Whereby in a class of over 200 engineering students only about forty students can boast of a pass, (story of my life)

Leonardo DaVinci’s helical screw helicopter was the first ever design for an aircraft developed in 1480. It took accurately 432 years for the wright brothers to come up with a practical moving airplane in 1903. Was the world sleeping all those years? Or was DaVinci on a whole different level? Well, I have no answer to that.

Africa’s income over the decades have come from mainly agricultural products, because we are blessed with good soil and wonderful crops that are grown. But of recent, ‘Oil money’ is everything talked about. The agricultural sector is weeping in tears of abandonment, 90% of our income comes from Oil now, the national cake they say, it will last forever I guess!

‘Failure is not our only punishment for laziness; there is also the success of others’ a quote from Jules Renard.
When we are lazy nothing good can be done, seeing others succeed can be a boost to our morals and encourage us to do well.

No one wants to fail in life, so hardwork should be put in place, students should study, the government should go back to the drawing board and see where it all went wrong. The future lies in the hands of the young ones, we have heard that a thousand times, the society cant hear the voiceless screams of some few reaching out for change.

Sometime I just have the creeps that World War 3 will be fought online.

Written by ‘Fara’
Twitter: @i_am_fara

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