P-Square Transiently Part Ways In….

Born to the same mother, on the same day within just
eight minutes of each other, grown up doing almost
everything together, the duo of Peter and Paul of P-
Square have in January, 2013, parted ways… to two
different vacation spots, Hip-hop World Magazine, an
on-line resource,
For many, December is the holiday month they look forward
to every year. This is not the same for P Square who do back-
to-back shows, helping fans enjoy their holiday by performing
at concerts, end of year parties and various kinds of events.
P-Square definitely had one of their busiest seasons last
year. Now, for these hard working Jacks, it’s time to play;
and they are choosing different vacation spots in the United
Last week, Paul was spotted in Atlanta, while Peter told us
he’s hanging out with in San Francisco with kids Cameron and
Lola. The multi-award winning duo and triple Headies winners
at the 2012 edition say they’re “chopping their money

Source: informationng.com


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