Trying Moments for Dayo D1

Popular entertainment icon and co-partner of Primetime
Entertainment, Dayo Adeneye (a.k.a D1), is not in a
happy mood because of an investment he participated in
some years ago. D1, as he is fondly called, had invested
for the future of his family with one of the reputable
investment companies in Nigeria.
However, he seems to be having difficulty in claiming his
funds when it was time for him to get back some of the
money from the company. Investigations revealed that D1 had
visited the company several times and up till now, nothing
seems to have been done, concerning his funds.
It is alleged that the investment company has the habit of
owing their investors, which has given them sleepless nights
before the funds are eventually remitted to them after much
harassments. This has prompted D1 to take legal action on
the matter and has sued the company. He confirmed to
Showbiz Bits that the story is true.
“Yes, it is true. I am having issues with an investment
company in Nigeria but I will like to keep it under wraps for
now, since I have taken a legal action. Be sure of getting more
details on the issue from me if necessary actions are not
taken,” he said


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