Scientists Using HIV To Stop Spread Of HIV

David Harrich, from the Queensland Institute of Medical
Research, said he had successfully modified a protein in
HIV that the virus needed to replicate and instead made
it “potently” inhibit virus growth.
“I have never seen anything like it. The modified protein
works every time. If this research continues down its strong
path, and bear in mind there are many hurdles to clear, we’re
looking at a cure for AIDS,” said Harrich.
Harrich said the modified protein, which he had named
Nullbasic, had shown a “remarkable” ability to arrest HIV
growth in a lab environment and could have exciting
implications both in curbing AIDS and treating existing HIV
He described it as “fighting fire with fire”.
“The virus might infect a cell but it wouldn’t spread. You
would still be infected with HIV, it’s not a cure for the virus,
but the virus would stay latent, it wouldn’t wake up, so it
wouldn’t develop into AIDS ” said Harrich of his study,
published in the latest edition of the journal Human Gene
“With a treatment like this, you would maintain a healthy
immune system


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