The ‘Break Up’

It finally happened, my greatest fear, I had every reason to cry, every reason to be sad, this is real. It finally dawned on me that my relationship with Gerald has come to an end.

OMG!!! Could this possibly be real??!!! I kept on asking myself as I lay down on my bed, just crying helplessly.
I don’t wanna accept that its over!
This can’t be happening to me!!!! No!!!!
I cried for more than an hour, He’s gone, He’s not coming back. Its over!

I love him, I love him so much I told myself, How do I move on? Where do I start from? What happens next?
Damn! Why is this happening to me?!
WHY ME??? I lamented with a bitter heart.

Wow! This is actually happening, and there’s nothing I can do about it…… Its over!
I stopped crying and I started thinking, trying to figure out a way of this present problem…
“What do I do next?” That was the only thing that could possibly come into my head right now. I NEED ANSWERS!!! Not more questions.

I decided to get a cold drink. I couldn’t even sip out of it because my appetite was no where to be found. It was getting really late.
I went back to my bed, thinking of what would happen the next day. I was already feeling weak and my feet just turned cold.

Then a voice popped into my head; ‘He’s gone and he’s not coming back so why don’t you just pray and picture a better future instead of crying and hurting yourself more?’
At that point, I started thinking and I said to myself: Gerald is just a guy. He’s not God. And as long as I’m still alive and I still have God, there’s hope for a better future and a better guy. So I prayed, and I started listening to a song, and the picture of a better future with a great guy and wonderful kids just kept on rolling in… And I said to myself, my future is bright, the future is wonderful and my future is great!!!

I just found myself smiling and I became so happy, happier than ever before. My heart felt good, there was inner peace, I started feeling great and my appetite came back. I took the drink, started tweeting and I just couldn’t stop smiling at myself.

My whole life was getting better. I’m happy. Everything is falling into place. My whole life is perfect. And I’m looking forward to tomorrow because its gonna be an even better day than today.
I thought to myself, this is just an opportunity to make myself a better person for that great guy that’s coming… I don’t wanna misuse this great opportunity.
Few minutes later, I went to bed and had a wonderful dream… I woke up dancing the next morning. A new and perfect chapter is starting….

A break up is not the end of life… Its just the beginning of a better chapter…

Life is beautiful

Written by ‘Darielle’
Twitter: @le_modelle


22 thoughts on “The ‘Break Up’”

  1. This is great, true one don’t come out of break ups easily buh this note tells you how possible that can be, not neccesary to state all the misery experiencéd. I’m very impressed, I’m also very sure u can do better. Good luck

  2. Its a nice piece, started well. But ended a bit too early. You can’t experience heart break as deep as the one potrayed and then get over it in moments. Well, only if you were infatuated, but even then. Me thinks le writer hasn’t being through a heart break before.

  3. A cool write-up. The Character is quite Strong Willed. And ur ryt.A break Up isn’t d end Of the world. There r better days to cum. 🙂

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