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My wife wrecked my church – Pastor

She fights me at the slightest opportunity,she
is a pest in my life”.

With these words, Pastor Ope Balogun
pleaded with an Orile Agege Grade ‘B’
Customary Court, Lagos, to dissolve his three-
year-old marriage to his wife, Taiwo, who he
accused of troublesome acts and nagging.
The 54-year-old cleric, who lives at 7, Ilupeju
Street, Oke-Odo, Agege, testified that he
had not known peace since he married his wife.
”My wife, Taiwo, is a troublesome woman. She
has driven almost all my church members
away”,the petitioner stated
”My children from my previous marriage
cannot come to our house because they are
afraid of my wife.My family members cannot
visit me as well.
”My Bible school students cannot continue
their studies because of her incessant
troubles and even some pastors working
under me left the church.
Balogun also alleged that his wife drove him
out of his house on Nov. 2012.
”She pursued me from the house and she still
came to damage the windows of where I am
taking refuge,”he said.
Meanwhile, Taiwo, 36, denied the allegations.
She said, “I am the ninth wife of Pastor
Balogun. Trouble started when I took in and
he told me that he did not want a child again
but sex.
”He maltreated me during the pregnancy and
did not pay my hospital bills when I was
delivered of the baby.
”I love and respect everyone around my
husband,but what usually causes
misunderstanding between us is the issue of
”He does not give me and my child money for
”After the delivery, he told me that I should
be eating once a day, so how do you expect the
house to be peaceful?”
The defendant told the court that she doesn’t
want to leave her husband because of her



Michelle Obama Opens New Twitter Account As SheTurns 49

Michelle Obama’s office said Thursday it had opened a
Twitter account, as the US first lady turned 49.
The account is @FLOTUS, the acronym for First Lady of the
United States, and it will be administered by the first lady’s
Tweets penned by the first lady herself will bear her initials
— mo.
As of midday Thursday, the account had just over 16,000
followers. That compares to 2.64 million for
@MichelleObama, which opened in January 2012 and was run
by President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign team.
Tweets from the @MichelleObama account have been
infrequent since her husband won the election on November
The first utterance Thursday from @FLOTUS urged
followers to wish Mrs Obama a happy birthday.


Corruption Is Nigeria’s Major Enemy – FCT Minister

Corruption has seriously retarded
development of the country and
Nigeria cannot afford to treat it
as business as usual, Sen. Bala
Mohammed, Minister of FCT, has
Mohammed stated this on
Thursday in Abuja during a
sensitisation programme organised
by the FCTA Anti-Corruption and
Monitoring Unit for the senior
officers of the administration
“Corruption has remained a major
enemy of our progress as people and as a nation; and with the
determination to rid us of these unwholesome practices and
problems, the FCT Administration will continue to work to
ensure zero tolerance on corruption.
“It is in this vein that Mr President has continued to
demonstrate clearly his intention to rid the country of
corruption; for instance, the on-going trial of those involve in
oil subsidy scam among other cases, is a clear testimony and
indication of the present administration’s commitment and
determination to ensure transparency, accountability and
good governance; and we cannot afford to lag behind.” (NAN)

Segun Arinze Fires-back At ‘ Ugly’ Comments

Nollywood actor and former president of the Actors Guild of
Nigeria, Segun Arinze, and his family, were featured on the
front cover of a style magazine recently and most blogs
published it.
Some readers made unsavoury comments about the actor’s
wife as well as his looks which for a long time, have remained
the b*tt of rude jokes – particularly his seeming large
But this time, the ‘black arrow’ star will not roll over and let
the subliminals hurled at himself and his wife pass, without a
The response below is a text message from the star actor
yesterday evening to popular blogger, Linda Ikeji, which she
published on her blog and culled it.
Dear Linda,
I want to thank you for having such a wonderful blog. Having
said that, I want to say despite the fact that we have
freedom of expression doesn’t give people the liberty to be
reckless with words without verifying facts first.
See the rest below the photo
Someone said my wife cut across as someone rude. That’s a big
lie! She’s the most courteous person you can think of.
Sometimes people like to take the piss.
Now my full names are Segun Aina Padonou. My father, though
late, was Yoruba from Badagry. My mum is Ibo. Arinze is the
Ibo name given to me by my mum. So I used it as Pseudonym.
That’s why you have Segun Arinze.
And as at the last time I looked in the mirror, I didn’t see any
ugly Segun. No human has a right to call another ugly because
you ain’t God. You can’t give life so don’t curse or swear.

Google Making Glasses Now?

The much talked about Google glasses recently received
another development update this week.
Reports say the company will be releasing new information on
their high tech frames later this month, but it seems this is
only for product developers. “Project Glass” will hold two
events on each coast to showcase their one of kind
“These hackathons are just for developers in the Explorer
program and we’re calling them the Glass Foundry,” the invite
goes on to say. And so, the average Harry can’t show up to
see the glasses or take them home.
Over the last few weeks, some have been spotted wearing the
glasses around New York City. One tester was wearing a pair
with prescription lenses.
A photo of a Google
Glass prototype seen
at Google I/O in
June of 2012
“We’re looking forward to what developers will do with Glass,
but we don’t have more details to share at this time,” said a
Google spokesperson when ABC News asked about the
upcoming events.
“Join us for an early look at Glass and two full days of
hacking on the upcoming Google Mirror API in San Francisco
or New York,” Google said in an email invite it sent out to
those who signed up to be on its developers list. These
software and app creators will get a device to use on site and
will come up with different software ideas and tie-ins, Yahoo
At Google’s I/O conference in June, 2012, Google co-founder
Sergey Brin announced that prototypes or “Explorer
Editions” of the glasses would be sold to developers for
$1,500 in early 2013.
For those who have not heard or read about Project Glass, I
pulled a little information on it off Wikipedia.
Project Glass is a research and development program by
Google to develop an augmented reality head-mounted
display (HMD). Project Glass products would display
information in smartphone-like format hands-free and
could interact with the Internet via natural language
voice commands. The prototype’s functionality and
minimalist appearance (aluminium strip with 2 nose pads)
has been compared to Steve Mann’s EyeTap.
The operating system software used in the glasses will be
Google’s Android.
Project Glass is being developed by Google X Lab, which
has worked on other futuristic technologies such as self-
driving cars. The project was announced on Google+ by
Babak Parviz, an electrical engineer who has also worked
on putting displays into contact lenses; Steve Lee, a
project manager and “geolocation specialist”; and
Sebastian Thrun, who developed Udacity as well as
worked on the self-driving car project. Google has
patented the design of Project Glass

Get Kids To Do Tasks With App That Rewards Children For Doing Chores

A new Application has been designed to encourage children to
do chores by turning the tasks into a game and giving them
points when it is completed.
The app called ChoreMonster, available for iOS devices and
on the web, aims to make household chores, such as setting
the table, feeding the pets or unloading the dishwasher, fun.
“There are usually enough chores in a week to redeem some
sort of reward,” said Chris Bergman, the founder and CEO of
Cincinnati, Ohio-based Company ChoreMonster.
The rewards, which are provided by the parents, can range
from privileges like sleepovers or a family outing, to video
games or a cash allowance.
“It’s exactly what you would expect kids would want and also
more esoteric rewards,” Bergman explained.
Parents assign chores through the app and include the
completion dates along with the number of points the child
will earn. They also set rewards, including the number needed
to receive them.
The child can then log in to their account and review the
chores and rewards.
“If rewards aren’t enough incentive, the empowerment
typically is,” said Bergman.
When the task is done, the child marks it in the app and the
parent is notified and prompted to verify that it was
completed well. After the parent approves the task, the child
is awarded the points.
The app helped 21,000 children complete more than 300,000
chores during the eight months it was tested before being
launched at the end of 2012, according to its makers.
Making the bed, picking up toys and books, cleaning the
bedroom, feeding pets and dealing with dirty laundry were
among the main chores. Top rewards included ice cream, an
allowance, movie night, sleepovers and computer time.
“What I find really interesting is that a lot of times the
reward is just empowering the child to make their own
decision,” said Bergman, adding it be could be selecting what
to have for dinner.
The most obnoxious rewards he has seen have been large
amounts of cash.
“I get why parents use it, but the point system alone is
enough to teach saving and spending. Cash becomes this
middle ground and another step to whatever it is the child
actually wants,” Bergman explained.
A similar web and iPad app called HighScore House lets
parents and children agree on a set of tasks and the rewards
they will receive for completing them.
ChoreMonster is available worldwide in more than 50
countries and is ideal for children between four and 12 years
old, according to Bergman. [Reuters]

Trying Moments for Dayo D1

Popular entertainment icon and co-partner of Primetime
Entertainment, Dayo Adeneye (a.k.a D1), is not in a
happy mood because of an investment he participated in
some years ago. D1, as he is fondly called, had invested
for the future of his family with one of the reputable
investment companies in Nigeria.
However, he seems to be having difficulty in claiming his
funds when it was time for him to get back some of the
money from the company. Investigations revealed that D1 had
visited the company several times and up till now, nothing
seems to have been done, concerning his funds.
It is alleged that the investment company has the habit of
owing their investors, which has given them sleepless nights
before the funds are eventually remitted to them after much
harassments. This has prompted D1 to take legal action on
the matter and has sued the company. He confirmed to
Showbiz Bits that the story is true.
“Yes, it is true. I am having issues with an investment
company in Nigeria but I will like to keep it under wraps for
now, since I have taken a legal action. Be sure of getting more
details on the issue from me if necessary actions are not
taken,” he said

P-Square Transiently Part Ways In….

Born to the same mother, on the same day within just
eight minutes of each other, grown up doing almost
everything together, the duo of Peter and Paul of P-
Square have in January, 2013, parted ways… to two
different vacation spots, Hip-hop World Magazine, an
on-line resource,
For many, December is the holiday month they look forward
to every year. This is not the same for P Square who do back-
to-back shows, helping fans enjoy their holiday by performing
at concerts, end of year parties and various kinds of events.
P-Square definitely had one of their busiest seasons last
year. Now, for these hard working Jacks, it’s time to play;
and they are choosing different vacation spots in the United
Last week, Paul was spotted in Atlanta, while Peter told us
he’s hanging out with in San Francisco with kids Cameron and
Lola. The multi-award winning duo and triple Headies winners
at the 2012 edition say they’re “chopping their money