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My hazardous experience


It seemed like the sun had conspired with the bus driver for our severe punishment that day.It wasn’t just for the fact that the sun was terribly scorching ,but the driver had apparently taken a crazy pill or was high on some cheap drugs of some sort.As i switched to the next track on my iPod,i wondered why the sun was so hot in this part of the country. The crisp white shirt i had put on earlier this morning had glued to my body like a second skin.Beads of sweat dotted my brow and i was as hot as ever!as i wiped off a drop which obvious plan was to enter into my eyes,i frantically looked up at the AC vent for what looked like the thousandth time.Even the AC had surrendered to the hot slaps of the sun.Just then, the bus driver swerved promptly to the left in an effort to bypass an oncoming vehicle and i was thrown against the passenger sitting beside me.Muttering a quick outburst of apology at her disgust,i quickly righted myself.This wasn’t how i had
planned to enjoy my long awaited journey from Lagos to Abuja; it all seemed like the forces of Abuja were banning an outsider from their territory.Somewhere at the back of the bus,a child started crying,a cynical smile curved my lips; apparently,i wasn’t the only one not enjoying the hideous journey.Just then,my iPod signaled a low battery and went off! Great! just great! i thought! could this day get any worse? i angrily folded my hands and made a chore of staring at my fellow passengers; of course, starting with the disgruntled one i’d earlier fell on,i took a closer look at her and she seemed uptight and rigid.The paper back novel in her hand must have recognized her rigidity showing by the extent at which an end was squeezed by left hand. I studied her for a while and saw that for a whole ten minutes,she had not turned the page.Wondering how anyone could be that slow,my gaze rested on the next passenger and that was when i saw Him!i don’t blame the
girl! i thought.If i were to be sitting down close by a hunk like that,i’d be as rigid as a rock.Was it just me or had the room gotten hotter?i couldn’t take my eyes off him,the whole six foot of him,from his neatly carved hair to his beautiful fingers,wow! did i mention that i was a sucker for lovely fingers?well,i am!his wasn’t just lovely but masculinely!If there’s a word like that.At that moment,a news slip came on on the radio,in which the FG was imploring parents and students to be patient with the ongoing ASUU strike which brought about a snort from most of the passengers and elicited a chuckle from me.Two elderly men in the seats in front of me began to murmur about their children who were stuck at home with nothing doing.tell me about it! i thought!The woman with the crying child and two other youths sited beside her joined in on the conversation and while some were on the side of the FG, others were on the side of ASUU..It was a
funny argument which had me chuckling time to time.Suddenly, goose pimples came all over my body and immediately, i knew that my hunk was staring at me.I immediately choked on the fanta i was sipping.What in the world was wrong with me? i thought.As i raised my head to look at him,the goose pimples on my skin multiplied and i sputtered in an effort to calm down.He gave me a lopsided grin and the world dropped beneath my feet.It really should be illegal to let people this handsome loose on the streets! i returned a strained smile and he chuckled and faced his laptop.And then,that was when i saw the WELCOME TO ABUJA sign.Although i had long awaited this sign from the beginning of my journey,there was a sad feeling in me because i was going to be separated from my hunk.After a few minutes,the hellish bus driver pulled up signifying our disembarking from the bus.When we all came down, my hunk came around to where i was standing and looked me in the eye
and said.’is it just me or do you enjoy sweating?’ expecting a fond speech,i incredulously stared at him.’why?’ i asked.He then said,’you never did open your AC-vent’. I went around around to the side of the bus where i was sitting and realized it was true.He gave me a pitiful smile and walked away.What a way to begin my experience in a new town,i thought!…..




1. Abu Simbel in Egypt

The entrance at one of the temples at Abu Simbel

The entrance at one of the temples at Abu Simbel. Image by: Fredhsu

The two temples at Abu Simbel Egypt are best known for two reasons: their dazzling magnificence, and their historic relocation from their original cliff. These monumental temples were originally carved out of a sandstone cliff near River Nile over three millenniums ago, during the reign of the great Pharaoh – Ramesses II. The temples were dedicated to the Egyptian gods and to Pharaoh Ramesses II.

Recently, in the 1960s, when the Egyptian government was constructing the Aswan High dam, the temples faced the danger of being submerged under the resultant Lake Nasser. The Egyptian government sought the assistance of UNESCO and the international community to help salvage and relocate the temples to an artificial mountain. The relocation entailed dismantling the two temples then reassembling them in exactly the same form and relationship to each other and to the sun. In their new location, the temples are surrounded by an artificial mountain. A photo exhibition of this historic relocation can be seen at the dome at Abu Simbel.

2. Mt Kilimanjaro

Uhuru peak Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest point

Uhuru peak Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest point. Image by: Chris 73

At 19340 ft, Kili – as Mt. Kilimanjaro is popularly known – is the highest mountain in Africa. Kili is also the world’s tallest free-standing mountain. Fortunately, its highest point, Uhuru peak, is easily accessible to anyone of moderate fitness level.

The experience of being on top of Africa is, to say the least, exhilarating. The scenery at the peak is breathtaking, with the huge glaciers forming a white heaven. Add to this the fact that the region around Kilimanjaro is home to some of Africa’s premier wildlife parks and reserves, and you can see why a visit to Kilimanjaro is indeed an African must-do.

3. Victoria Falls on the Zambia – Zimbabwe Border

The main falls at Victoria falls

The main falls at Victoria falls. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The grandiose Victoria Falls is a waterfall found on the Zambezi river at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The waterfalls have the reputation of being the “largest curtain of falling water on earth”. The locals call them “Mosi-oa-Tunya”, literally meaning “smoke that thunders” because of the columns of spray that can be seen from miles away.

The Victoria falls are a must-see site in Africa because of their unusual form, and the diverse wildlife in their vicinity. On the Zambian side, it is possible to swim in relatively safe natural pools at the top of the falls.

4. The Great Pyramids at Giza Egypt

The Great pyramid at Giza and the Sphinx

The Great pyramid at Giza and the Sphinx. Image by: Ahmed Dokmak

The Egyptian pyramids perhaps need no introduction, being the icons most associated with Egypt. Most of the pyramids (there are over 100 pyramids in Egypt) were built as tombs to preserve the mummified bodies of the dead pharaohs. In these massive tombs, the pharaohs’ bodies would continue receiving food offerings long after their death.

The greatest of these pyramids is the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu (also known as Pharaoh Cheops), found at Giza, a few kilometers south of Cairo. Also found at Giza is the great Sphinx, a half-human half-lion statue considered one of the world’s largest and oldest statue.

5. Valley of the Kings – Egypt

The entrance to the valley of the kings

The entrance to the valley of the kings. Image by: Haloorange

The Valley of the Kings in Egypt is so called because for a period of about 500 years between the 16th and 11th centuries BC, it was the place where tombs for kings and other nobles were constructed.

The valley of the Kings is found near Luxor, on the west bank of river Nile and is known to contain 63 such tombs. Most of the tombs contained priceless Egyptian antiquities, some of which have unfortunately been stolen over a period of time. The valley became famous after the discovery in 1922 of the intact tomb of Tutankhamun and is today one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world.

6. Fish River Canyon in Namibia

The magnificent Fish River Valley

The magnificent Fish River Valley Image by: Giraud Patrick

Regarded as the second most spectacular canyons in the world (after the Grand Canyon of America), the Fish River Canyon is indeed a sight of astonishing grandeur. The spectacular canyon features a 160km ravine which is up to 27km wide and 550 metres in some places. In the belly of the ravine flows the Fish River.

Several animal species are present in the canyon, including wild horses, mountain zebra and Kudu. The canyon has a prolific birdlife with over 60 bird species found there.

7. Sossusvlei in Namib desert Namibia

One giant sand dune at Sossusvlei

One giant sand dune at Sossusvlei. Image by: Harald Süpfle

Located in the Namib Naukluft park, Sossusvlei is a huge clay pan enclosed by giant sand dunes, some of which go to heights of over 300 meters. These dunes are often referred to as the highest in the world. On the rare occasions when it rains, the Sossusvlei fills with water. Since the clay layers only allow very slow infiltration, the resultant turquoise lake remains for some time in the vlei.

The Namib Naukluft park, where Sossusvlei is located, is reputedly the largest conservation area in Africa, and fourth largest in the world.

8. Wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara and Serengeti

Wildebeest crossing a river during the migration

Wildebeest crossing a river during the migration. Image by: Pnoid00

Many people who have witnessed the the wildebeest migration regard it as the most spectacular natural event of the modern world. The wildebeest migration takes place within the open plains of Maasai Mara in Kenya and Serengeti in Tanzania. It is undoubtedly the greatest wildlife show on earth. During the event, hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebras migrate to greener pastures as the seasons change, followed closely by a number of predators waiting for the opportunity of striking at weak prey.

The wildebeest migration is a spontaneous and somewhat unpredictable event, varying year after year. The best time to catch the wildebeest migration at the Maasai Mara is between July and September, especially when the wildebeest and zebra congregate to cross the Mara river.


9. Karnak Temple Complex – Egypt 

The Karnak Temple Complex Egypt

The Karnak Temple Complex Egypt. Image by: Tizianok

Karnak is one of the largest and most impressive temple sites in Egypt. The Karnak Temple Complex is a conglomeration of three main temples and several smaller ruined temples.

Karnak is located near Luxor, a region which is home to other impressive sites. It is only the main temple area of Karnak – the Temple of Amun – that is currently accessible to tourists and the general public. The Temple of Amun is by far the largest, and easily the most impressive.

10. Okavango Delta in Botswana

Okavango delta

Okavango delta. Image by: Teo Gómez

Okavango delta (often wrongly called the Okavango Swamp) is the world’s largest inland delta, covering an area of over 17000 square kilometers.

This unique water feature was formed after the drying up of Lake Makgadikgadi thousands of years ago. The Okavango river drains its water onto the plains of Kalahari desert in Botswana, forming a magnificent labyrinth of inland lagoons, islands, and lakes – the Okavango delta. The water at the delta is very pure due to little agricultural and industrial activities along Okavango river. The delta is therefore a magnet for the many wild animals that depend on its waters for survival in an otherwise very dry Kalahari desert.

11. The Virunga Mountains in the DRC/Rwanda/Uganda borders

A mountain gorrila in the Virunga mountains forests

A mountain gorrila in the Virunga mountains forests. Image by: Ramon Azofra

The Virunga Mountains are a chain of volcanic mountains found along the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Apart from their spectacular beauty, the forests of the Virunga mountains are the only remaining homes of the endangered mountain gorillas. Other interesting animals found there include Chimpanzees, the Okapi, and forest elephants.

There are eight major peaks in the Virunga mountain range, the highest of which is Mt. Karisimbii. Mt. Nyirangongo and Mt. Nyiragira are still active volcanoes, having last erupted in 2006.

12. Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania

Aerial view of the Ngorongoro crater

Aerial view of the Ngorongoro crater

The Ngorongoro Crater is the world’s largest unbroken, unflooded volcanic caldera, measuring about 19km across, 600 metres deep from the rim of the crater to its floor, and with a total floor area of 260km². The crater was formed when a giant volcano exploded and collapsed on itself approximately three million years ago. Ngorongoro crater is considered a “natural enclosure” for wildlife, with many animal species found on the crater floor.


No Regrets Choosing Nigeria Over England – Moses

Victor Mosses

Victor Mosses

Chelsea forward, Victor Moses, has sensationally declared that his decision to choose the Super Eagles of Nigeria over Three Lions of England was an easy one and he does not have any regrets whatsoever.
Moses, who has become a regular feature for the Super Eagles since making his debut as a late substitute against Rwanda in February in a 2013 Africa Nations Cup qualifier, revealed that he had enjoyed every moment of his stay with the Nigerian national team.
“Yes, the opportunity beckoned on me to play for England, but I choose Nigeria because it has always been my ambition to play for the Super Eagles,” Moses said.
“I don’t regret turning out in the colours of the Super Eagles. I love Nigeria and I was prepared to come and play for the nation.
“I have enjoyed every minute of my stay with the team. Coaches in England should not blame themselves that they could not convince me to wear the jersey of the Three Lions after playing for the junior side.
“I waited for the opportunity to be invited to play for the national team of Nigeria and immediately they found me worthy, I did not waste time to honour the call.
“Nigeria has always been my choice if called up and when they did I was happy.
“I want to say that my game has been improving since I started playing for the Super Eagles after meeting with the coaches and players.”
Victor Moses is listed among the 32 players invited to camp in preparation for the 2013 Orange African Cup of Nations in South Africa

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Choosing The Best Safari Destination In Kenya

Kenya is a renowned tourist destination with international status. There are many things to look forward to when you choose Kenya as your safari destination of choice. The culture of the Kenyan people is most interesting and fascinating. The foods are delicious and are made to perfection by qualified chefs.

The wildlife in Kenya is one of the major attractions that see many tourists come and go every year. The region is full of activities all year round due to the favorable climate conditions that make it a perfect destination especially for those from colder regions or countries.

Planning and choosing a safari destination in Kenya is very important. Chances are that you will be able to experience the kind of tour that you have always desired. Whether you are looking for a luxurious safari or a simple one, there are packages that are able to cover all personal budgets and make your experience memorable.

Choosing the perfect destination is also very important. For safaris, there is well over 40 game reserves and national parks to choose from. You must therefore carefully decide which part of this great land that you desire to be in.

You should research about the areas in question. Learn more about the weather condition that you should expect during the period that you desire to visit. It is also important to look up the hotels and reserves that operate in that specific area so that you may determine whether their standards meet yours.

Different resorts have different policies regarding children and this is a factor that you should highly look out for if you wish to travel with the little ones.

Due to the number of resorts and lodges that have already been set up, it is important to carefully choose the one where you will get the best out of your tour. The major national parks that are most popular with tourists on safari include, Ambrose near the Mount Kilimanjaro, Masai Mara with the annual wildebeest migrations, Savor in the coastal region, the Nairobi national park that is very near the central business district of Kenya’s capital city, the lake Nauru game reserve popular for the migratory flamingos as well as Hell’s Gate national park famous for the amazing landscape and rich wildlife, just to mention a few.

When choosing a destination, your health should come first. It is well known that Africa is prone to malaria. Take the necessary precautions by taking anti malarial drugs before your visit. Choose a resort or hotel that has put mosquito nets in place. This clearly indicates that the resort in question cares for your health.
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