How Can I Make A Difference In The State Of The Planet?

If you pay attention to politically-driven conversations (especially this year,
with the elections heating up all across the country), one thing you are
definitely going to notice is that the state of the environment is a hot topic of discussion;
as great as this seems, on the surface, it would be, however, a closer examination
will reveal that this “discussion” is rarely one that explores all the different things we
can do to make the planet a safer place to live, but is instead a debate surrounding
how bad the state of the planet is, and whether or not we actually need to do anything to make it a better place.
If you have ever discovered that you have felt frustrated that this is the case, you will want to
realize that there are actually things you yourself can do to make a difference.
For starters, you are going to want to realize – and acknowledge to yourself – that doing the “little things” in your
own life, and in your own home, truly can make a difference in the big picture of the planet. In other words,
you can start turning off the water when you brush your teeth (instead of leaving it running)
in order to conserve water; you can unplug appliances when they are not in use, in order to
bleed less electricity; you can filter your own water, rather than buying bottled water, in order to use less plastic.
The list, truly – of all the things you can do to make the planet a better place – goes on and on, and all you need to do is focus on doing
some of these things yourself.

After you have found yourself in a place where you are in the habit of doing these little things
yourself, you will also want to start encouraging others to do the same! Of course, as you encourage others
to do the same, you will encounter some who contend that the planet is not in bad shape at all,
and there is no reason for us to worry. But remind them: whether you believe the planet is in a poor position or not, we all should be
doing what we can to leave it better than we found it!
And lastly, realize that corporations have more power than any individual person has – but as individuals,
we have the ability to choose which corporations
we will give money to! Get to a place where you are in the habit of shopping strategically –
making consumer decisions that lead the planet into a better position
than it is currently in – and the corporations that are not on board will
be sure to start paying attention. As the old saying goes, after all: “Money talks!”
There are so many things we can do on our own to make the planet a
better place – and each of us has a responsibility to do these
things ourselves – so get on board in your own life, and bring others with you, and we can start truly making a difference!

Vancy Bridges
Do your part to help save our planet!
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Nobody Knows Me Better…

Whenever we feel distant and detached from the Spirit of God, alone in lament, or just alone
and unheard, one reflective reading of Psalm 139 should set us straight. It is a prescription
to heal many wounds cast in fashions of loneliness. Nobody knows us better than the LORD who brought us,
by his intricate design, into being.
Think for one moment about that fact: God designed us, me and you, just the way we are.
And even though we may dislike parts of us, our LORD constructed us with perfect intention
Let us look at the components of God’s inescapable knowledge about us.


Although we keep secrets, God knows all too well what we are about. And despite our guilt and shame,
God does not condemn us for our sin, instead offering up his own Son in our stead.
Our thoughts are known to God and, as our consciences testify, we are searched and tested.
If we are alive to goodness in life we cannot escape God in our minds.
Our Eternal Guide never lets go of us, and, if we are given to listening for such guidance,
we can discern this heavenly wisdom.
We are never too far from the Spirit of God, either geographically or spiritually.
No matter how much or little we love God our proximity to this all-knowing and all-powerful
LORD is never far at all.
Whichever direction we are headed in, we turn around and God is there!


There is surely nothing that makes us feel more special than knowing God’s matchless imprint
has been spoken over our lives to the extent we are original.
When we take one inquisitive look at the human reproductive process we
understand it’s a long series of miracles – every moment from conception through to delivery.
Inside our mother’s womb we were nurtured by God by the biological design spoken into our beings.
We were protected and we survived.
When we truly understand the intricacies of our personal existence, notwithstanding our biology,
psychology and physiology, we begin to marvel at the wonder of God.
If God can create us, and a whole universe to support life, how complex and wondrous must
God be? One look to a starry night and our awe is complete.
It’s a great comfort to know that nobody knows us better than God.
We have been crafted from the LORD’S perfect blueprint.
We have been made with great intention. And, what’s more, God knows us warts ‘n’ all and loves us just the way we are.

By Steve Wickham
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How to Choose a Right Dress for Yourself

When you plan to go out, a big question comes to your mind, “What to wear?”
Choosing clothes for a particular occasion is a very confusing task and this becomes more
difficult if you are of plus size. But now this worry seems to be a thing of past.
Earlier, plus-sized women used to find it difficult to get a perfect dress for any occasion.
They had limited options available in the market. But things have changed now.
They have plenty of options available now and there seems to be no limitations for plus size clothing.
Here are some tips to make sure that you select the right dress for you.

Know your body type

Before selecting any dress, you must know your body type. This is the most basic and important thing for you to know.

If you don’t know your body type, it is almost impossible to select a right dress.
Basically, body shape silhouettes are categorized in four types,
‘hourglass,’ ‘triangle,’ ‘inverted triangle,’ and ‘rectangle.
If you have a triangle-shaped body with large hips and thick thighs,
then avoid wearing fitted jeans or tapered pants.
They will make you look heavier. You can try out for streamlined pants or trousers with flare
that will draw attention away from your heavy hips. Layered clothing can also help to hide a wide waistline.
Select the right color and t texture

Color plays an important role while choosing plus-size fashions.
Black color will give you a slimmer appearance, although you can also try some
bold colors like red, royal blue, violet etc. You should not run away from prints,
just make sure that you don’t select a dress with bold prints all over.
Avoid clingy fabrics that will highlight your problem areas.
Fabrics like Lycra will cling to over sized stomach. Select the fabrics like cotton, linen and denim.
These fabrics have some weight to them. Look for clothing with some structure that will
look shapely or you can try a dress with a matching coat.
Look for proper  fitting

Fitting can make or break an outfit. Plus size women tend to choose shapeless clothes,
which can hide their whole body. Loose-fitting dresses might be comfortable and easy to wear,
but look very dull and boring. If you go by the advice of Stacy and Clint from,
‘What Not To Wear,’ you should purchase clothing to fit the largest part of your body,
and then have it tailored to fit everything else. For example, if you have thick thighs,
but small waist, don’t try a pair of slacks that fits your waist comfortably
but squeezes your thighs. Instead you can buy some pants that are comfortable on your legs, and have the waist taken in.
The same applies when you buy dresses and tops. If you have a large bust,
then first make sure your dress fits your chest comfortably then get the shoulders and waist cut down to your size.
Try some well-fitted clothes and see the transformation, you will be amazed to see the change.
Select a dress that highlights your best assets and gives you a stylish look.
For better results select the correct undergarments.
Follow the basic rules mentioned above and keep experimenting in front of mirror and see what looks
good and what doesn’t.

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What are Allergies?…

Allergy is a type of immune reaction. Usually, it is the immune system that
protects the human body and keeps it strong. However, there are certain chemical
reactions that take place and one need to visit the Allergy Doctor Roseville for treatment.
Since, there is no enduring cure for allergy yet an outstanding allergy
doctor can help to reduce the trouble that is unbearable.
These doctors are highly proficient and can reduce it by knowing the allergens.
Before meeting a doctor, some information on allergy should be gathered.
It will help in many ways like getting enhanced treatment, sensible treatment cost,
use of latest technology and many more.
When someone is allergic to something then it is very necessary to find out the allergens.
If a person is little careful then the cure can be done while at home.
Once this is done then without wasting any time one should immediately visit a doctor.
However, in a hurry do not visit any doctor. It is always good to do some research
before consulting a physician. Knowing about the physician’s background, their degrees,
and their years of experience will definitely needs to be known before actually going for a consultation.
The Twin Cities Allergy Doctor is highly competent in treating the allergies type that has been running into families for ages.
Various allergic reactions are exceptional for every person.

The reaction time to allergens will differ widely from person to person.
In a number of cases, some people will have an allergic reaction immediately,
while for others it may take some time to develop.
Apart from few reasons there are varieties of other causes that are accountable or causing allergies
in a person such as certain foods, and the St. Paul Allergy Doctor are the best persons to consult for treatment.
Certain types of smell, along with exercise, hot or cold temperatures,
certain minor injuries, stress, or emotions may also cause allergic reactions.
People might get allergies form certain foods like dairy, strawberries,
and wheat cause serious irritation, where as babies may also have allergies from
different kinds of food that include eggs, milk, nuts, and soy.
It would be suitable to treat the suffering person from Allergy Doctor Roseville for immediate relief.
One can visit a doctor through recommendations too. If someone known has gone for allergic
treatment and was completely cured then it would be good to consult the same physician.
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Embrace the blue..

Today I woke up feeling blue…
I thought maybe it was because I hadn’t said my
morning prayers.
Because in a way, committing your day to a higher
power tends to give you the idea that all will go well
no matter what you do. Ergo even with very little input,
you’ll achieve maximum output.

So I said my prayers, and I was still feeling blue.
And then I remembered something I had read somewhere,
it kinda says some days are just blue, not because anything
is wrong or anything will be wrong, but they’re just that way…
So you endure the blueness until d next day.

Kinda like maybe there’s a light at the end of d tunnel blah blah…
So I’ve decided to embrace my blue day. And try hard to do
nothing to enhance d ‘blueness’.
Well, the fact that I have 3 tests today and I haven’t read a peep
could in fact be d cause of my “blueness”.. You’d never know. lol…


Phoenix Grey.




Take care…

Nothing hurts more than loving and losing. I’ve loved and lost..
Twice now, and I think that’s just two times too many.
And most times its not about losing, but knowing when to let go.
Knowing when to smile and know that the other person isn’t meant for you.
To stop hoping and put on your black clothes.
Because you finally begin to mourn your loss.
That time that you stop reopening old wounds and letting them be.

When you truly stop hoping and accept the fact that this person isn’t yours.
And your own might or might not be out there. A time to embrace the loneliness
and accept it as part of your new life.
To realize that the person who said they’ll never leave, who said they’ll always have your
back, lied, or changed their mind…
That’s allowed, you see its time to stop playing Adele, because that’s just torture.
And to concentrate on being happy. Alone.
Because alone shouldn’t always mean lonely. Yes, you’ll have your weak days,
those days when you regress… Its kinda like rehab.
But don’t forget to get back on track, because hoping is easy.
Facing the truth is what requires balls…

Phoenix Grey.