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My hazardous experience


It seemed like the sun had conspired with the bus driver for our severe punishment that day.It wasn’t just for the fact that the sun was terribly scorching ,but the driver had apparently taken a crazy pill or was high on some cheap drugs of some sort.As i switched to the next track on my iPod,i wondered why the sun was so hot in this part of the country. The crisp white shirt i had put on earlier this morning had glued to my body like a second skin.Beads of sweat dotted my brow and i was as hot as ever!as i wiped off a drop which obvious plan was to enter into my eyes,i frantically looked up at the AC vent for what looked like the thousandth time.Even the AC had surrendered to the hot slaps of the sun.Just then, the bus driver swerved promptly to the left in an effort to bypass an oncoming vehicle and i was thrown against the passenger sitting beside me.Muttering a quick outburst of apology at her disgust,i quickly righted myself.This wasn’t how i had
planned to enjoy my long awaited journey from Lagos to Abuja; it all seemed like the forces of Abuja were banning an outsider from their territory.Somewhere at the back of the bus,a child started crying,a cynical smile curved my lips; apparently,i wasn’t the only one not enjoying the hideous journey.Just then,my iPod signaled a low battery and went off! Great! just great! i thought! could this day get any worse? i angrily folded my hands and made a chore of staring at my fellow passengers; of course, starting with the disgruntled one i’d earlier fell on,i took a closer look at her and she seemed uptight and rigid.The paper back novel in her hand must have recognized her rigidity showing by the extent at which an end was squeezed by left hand. I studied her for a while and saw that for a whole ten minutes,she had not turned the page.Wondering how anyone could be that slow,my gaze rested on the next passenger and that was when i saw Him!i don’t blame the
girl! i thought.If i were to be sitting down close by a hunk like that,i’d be as rigid as a rock.Was it just me or had the room gotten hotter?i couldn’t take my eyes off him,the whole six foot of him,from his neatly carved hair to his beautiful fingers,wow! did i mention that i was a sucker for lovely fingers?well,i am!his wasn’t just lovely but masculinely lovely.lol!If there’s a word like that.At that moment,a news slip came on on the radio,in which the FG was imploring parents and students to be patient with the ongoing ASUU strike which brought about a snort from most of the passengers and elicited a chuckle from me.Two elderly men in the seats in front of me began to murmur about their children who were stuck at home with nothing doing.tell me about it! i thought!The woman with the crying child and two other youths sited beside her joined in on the conversation and while some were on the side of the FG, others were on the side of ASUU..It was a
funny argument which had me chuckling time to time.Suddenly, goose pimples came all over my body and immediately, i knew that my hunk was staring at me.I immediately choked on the fanta i was sipping.What in the world was wrong with me? i thought.As i raised my head to look at him,the goose pimples on my skin multiplied and i sputtered in an effort to calm down.He gave me a lopsided grin and the world dropped beneath my feet.It really should be illegal to let people this handsome loose on the streets! i returned a strained smile and he chuckled and faced his laptop.And then,that was when i saw the WELCOME TO ABUJA sign.Although i had long awaited this sign from the beginning of my journey,there was a sad feeling in me because i was going to be separated from my hunk.After a few minutes,the hellish bus driver pulled up signifying our disembarking from the bus.When we all came down, my hunk came around to where i was standing and looked me in the eye
and said.’is it just me or do you enjoy sweating?’ expecting a fond speech,i incredulously stared at him.’why?’ i asked.He then said,’you never did open your AC-vent’. I went around around to the side of the bus where i was sitting and realized it was true.He gave me a pitiful smile and walked away.What a way to begin my experience in a new town,i thought!…..