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P-Square Transiently Part Ways In….

Born to the same mother, on the same day within just
eight minutes of each other, grown up doing almost
everything together, the duo of Peter and Paul of P-
Square have in January, 2013, parted ways… to two
different vacation spots, Hip-hop World Magazine, an
on-line resource,
For many, December is the holiday month they look forward
to every year. This is not the same for P Square who do back-
to-back shows, helping fans enjoy their holiday by performing
at concerts, end of year parties and various kinds of events.
P-Square definitely had one of their busiest seasons last
year. Now, for these hard working Jacks, it’s time to play;
and they are choosing different vacation spots in the United
Last week, Paul was spotted in Atlanta, while Peter told us
he’s hanging out with in San Francisco with kids Cameron and
Lola. The multi-award winning duo and triple Headies winners
at the 2012 edition say they’re “chopping their money

Source: informationng.com


Nigeria may emerge 13th leading economy in the world by2050 – Report

A report released by international accounting firm,
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has revealed that Nigeria may
occupy the 13th position as one of the leading G20 economies
in the World by 2050.
The PwC 2013 report disclosed that with Nigeria’s projected
rise in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), in terms of Gross
Domestic Product (GDP), from $2.6 billion to $3.9 billion by
2050, Nigeria is on its way to becoming one of the top 20
leading economies by the projected year.
According to the report, titled: “World in 2050 The BRICs
and Beyond: Prospects, Challenges and Opportunities”, a
yearly average real GDP growth rate of around six per cent,
as well as a youthful and growing working population will help
the country achieve this feat.
It reads in part: “Nigeria could be the fastest growing
country in our sample due to its youthful and growing working
population, but this does rely on using its oil wealth to
develop a broader based economy with better infrastructure
and institutions as regards rule of law and political
governance and hence support long term productivity growth
– the potential is there, but it remains to be realised in

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[Opinion] Good Humour at the President’s Expense By Philip Amiola

I have observed with some degree of amusement, the wave of
criticism and outrage that greeted the ill-timed ignition of
President Goodluck Jonathan’s 2015 political campaign
machinery. The campaign message – One good term deserves
another – is especially humorous. Although Mr President has
dissociated himself from the presidential campaign posters
which recently flooded Abuja, a lot of frayed nerves still
need to be calmed. Our president seems to have a special
knack for rubbing us the wrong way, wittingly or unwittingly,
and this unusual trait has no doubt enhanced his “popularity”
with Nigerians especially the younger generation. Dr
Goodluck Jonathan’s popularity is such that he has become
the b*tt of several jokes and unsavoury comments in various
circles, especially on social media – and that is very
Nigerians are indeed a special breed of people. We have seen
so much gloom and doom that we have learnt to see the
humour in every situation, regardless of how bad it is. And
that is good for us as it has been proven both by ancient
philosophy and modern medical science that a happy heart is
good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing. It however
becomes a problem when we make ourselves happy at the
expense of someone else – and that is what we do when we
deride our President. It is amazing that some people would
actually go to great lengths as to deliberately circulate text,
cartoons, animated pictures, videos and internet-based
applications for no other reason than to make a joke of the
President, and in some cases, his dear wife and other public
Dr Goodluck Jonathan’s reputation has been so battered that
his cronies have resorted to Google adverts and other
outrageous strategies to redeem his image in public space. I
have often found myself assuming the role of an advocate
especially on Facebook, when these vituperative statements
and jokes become so vitriolic that I simply can’t stand them.
Now, I know that I’ll incur the wrath of some persons by
taking this position but I believe that our President and
other public officials deserve our honour and respect – and
this is not contingent on their performance. We must
understand that we live in a world that is governed by
universal laws and what goes around comes around.
Contemporary history in our nation has shown that given the
opportunity, the most vociferous critics will not necessarily
perform better. Am I advocating for passivity? The answer is
an emphatic No! I believe that we must hold the government
accountable and express our grievances whenever necessary.
But what if we explore more constructive means to air our
views and vent our opinions? Do we always have to drag
someone’s name in the mud each time we have to express our
dissatisfaction with their actions or inactions?
It will do us a world of good individually and as a nation if
each of us recognizes that behind the cloak of public office
is a human being like ourselves who is as vulnerable as we are,
to malicious words and vindictive remarks. We may not like
the President, but that does not detract from the fact that
we ought to be civil when addressing him or any human being
for that matter. Someone else’s action or inaction is no
excuse to throw caution to the winds, breaking ourselves
against universal laws in the process. Each Nigerian must
learn to think, speak and act right even when the other fellow
is wrong. If we must have a better Nigeria, we must have
better Nigerians. God bless the President! God bless Nigeria!
A passionate believer in the New Nigeria, Philip Amiola is a
teacher, writer and social entrepreneur. He writes from
Lagos, Nigeria.
You can follow him on Twitter

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UNILAG/MAULAG Debacle: Convocation IndefinitelyPostponed As GEJ Insists On Having His Way

“The Management of the
University of Lagos wish
to inform all members of
the University Community
and the general public
that the Golden Jubilee
Convocation Ceremonies
will not hold at the
University’s normal
Convocation period (January 17 to 19, 2013).”
The above was part of a statement by the Deputy Registrar,
Information, University of Lagos, Mr. Oluwatoyin Adegbule,
announcing the indefinite postponement of the Institution’s
convocation earlier scheduled to take place between
Thursday (today) and Saturday.
Though the university did not state any reason for the
postponement, it however regretted “any inconvenience this
may have caused our stakeholders.” But informationng.com
gathers that the development may not be unconnected with
President Goodluck Jonathan’s insistence to rename UNILAG
as Moshood Abiola University of Lagos (MAULAG) and
effect the change in its certificates as a condition for
holding the convocation.
informationng.com reports that Jonathan on May 29, 2012, in
a nation wide broadcast that shocked not a few, renamed
UNILAG after the late Chief Moshood Abiola as a mark of
honour for the acclaimed winner of the June 12, 1993
presidential election.
The announcement was greeted by protests, with the
students demonstrating, and the alumni association asking a
Federal High Court, Lagos to restrain the Federal
Government from renaming the institution.
It was further learnt that the university decided to postpone
the convocation because the President said he would not
attend the convocation except the name change was
effected; a move the university has not obliged as it insisted
on retaining its name pending the outcome of different
suits pending in court.
The postponement became necessary when the institution
sent a letter informing the President as the Visitor to the
university, about the convocation through the Federal
Ministry of Education since last year. Jonathan, it was
learnt, told the ministry that UNILAG was not known to him
and as such would not honour the invitation.
The Vice-Chancellor of UNILAG, Prof. Rahamon Bello, has
since travelled to Abuja to meet with the minister over the
However an official of the school’s Information Office, who
spoke on condition of anonymity, said, “There is no truth in
that. Normally if you pick a date for convocation, you have to
send it to the Visitor and the Visitor will confirm if the date
is convenient, that is what is happening in this case; it is
nothing strange

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50 Lagos Hotels To Face Prosecution

At least 50 hotels operating in Lagos State are to be
charged by the government with non-payment of licence

Pedro, who withdrew the charges brought against Protea
Hotel Westwood Limited, Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel
Limited and Hotel Bon Voyage Limited, on Tuesday said,
about 50 hotels across the state had been identified for
prosecution.Among the accused already charged by the state
government at the Magistrate’s Court, Igbosere are
Moorhouse Sofitel Hotel, Chesney Hotel Limited and
Chillovelle Hotel Limited.
He added that they would be charged in other magisterial
districts as their names are compiled.
According to Pedro, Moorhouse Sofitel Hotel, Chesney Hotel
Limited and Chillovelle Hotel Limited, charged along with
their Managing Directors and other directors, are “carrying
on or keeping” a hotel in the Lagos Magisterial District
without a licence granted by the appropriate authority.
Pedro said, “We are concerned with the arbitrariness of
violating extant laws of the land. The hotel may feel that
someone is challenging the law, but in as much as the House of
Assembly has passed the law and the governor has signed it,
the law has become operative.
“You cannot stop its operation just because somebody is
challenging it in court. The law will continue to operate. It is
when the court declares it null and void that it will stop
It was alleged that the hotels, in carrying out their business,
on or about December 5, 2012, knowingly omitted to comply
with the provision of the Hotel Licensing Law of Lagos State,
Cap H6 (2010).
The offences were said to have contravened sections 4(1) of
the Hotel Licensing Law and are punishable under sections 21
and 122 of the law.
Also on Tuesday, the presiding Magistrate, Mrs F. O.
Aigbokhaevbo, issued a bench warrant for the arrest of the
M.D of Chilloville Hotel

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